One Piece anticipates the awakening of a Logia devil fruit and everything indicates that it will be brutal

A great battle is coming to One Piece.

Kizaru’s great speed and abilities could be used to deal with Luffy’s Gear Fifth.

For years it has been possible to see that One Piece fans have seen how the strength of the characters has evolved with the series, thus giving rise to one of the many methods that Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of the franchise, uses to empower them has been through the awakening of the Devil Fruits, which has affected several characters in the series. And it seems that another could join the ranks of this power-up.

And it is that Navy Admiral Borsalino, who is known as Kizaru, has one of the Devil Fruits of the Lodge (a type of fruit that allows you to control an element of nature) strongest in the entire series, to at the same time that this character is going in the direction of Egghead Island, thus giving rise to the fact that although this type of fruit has not woken up so far, everything seems to indicate that an epic fight is coming to One Piece.

The fight between Luffy and Kizaru may be one of the most epic we’ve seen in the series.

This is because in chapter 1070 of One Piece it has been possible to give a preview that soon a Lodge could wake up, while in this chapter we have been able to see how the members of the Straw Hat crew are trying to rescue the Doctor Vegapunk of the assassins of the CP0 of the World Government, being this rescue the one that causes this organization to decide send Admiral Kizaru to Egghead Islandwho in the past was able to cause the biggest defeat that the protagonists have ever had.

And it is that all this could also come motivated by the fact that, having its Gear Fifth, Luffy is today one of the strongest characters in the world.thus giving rise to the fact that in an even fight it is necessary for Kizaru to awaken his Devil Fruit, this being something that Doctor Vegapunk himself has come to insinuate.

It should be noted that this is something that has not yet been confirmed, but knowing the enormous power that Luffy has today, Oda must do something so that the rest of the manga is not a walkespecially if we take into account that he still has years to reach his grand finale.