One Piece anticipates the origin of Kuma and aims to be something very special

Kuma has a somewhat special origin.

The recent arc one piece has given a great turn to this series, because in just a few chapters it has unveiled great mysteries which, apparently, are preparing the ground for the final stretch of this work.

During the development of the plot several characters have been forgotten or have little participation in the series, because Oda had passed them to background for a long time.

However, in this new arc they have returned to the fore with great revelations, as is the case Bartholomew Kumaa character who has had a very unfortunate fatebut apparently it will be great relevance in this part of history.

This character is found surrounded by great mysterieswhich are nothing to be revealed, because it has recently been confirmed that Bartholomew Kuma has a somewhat special origin. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for Chapter #1064 of the One Piece Manga.

Kuma’s origin

The most recent chapter has revealed that Kuma has a somewhat special origin

The most recent chapter has revealed that Kuma has a somewhat special origin

It is well known that Bartholomew Kuma from his inception has been surrounded by great mysteriesbecause this character has taken different directions in the series that have not yet been fully explained.

This new arc has given great relevance to the history of Kumaas Oda has begun to address more about the life of this character and his origin, aimed at being determinant for the future events that are yet to come in this work.

The manga chapter #1064has revealed bits of information about Kuma, as it is well known that this pirate is the Jewelry Bonney’s father found in Egghead seeking revenge towards Dr. Vega Punk for having transformed his father into a cyborg.

Also, during the development of this chapter Jimbei tells Bonney that his father is known to be a tyrant that he was kicked out by his own people from the Kingdom of Sorbet, and that possibly the fact that Vega Punk has turned him into a cyborg may be the sentence for the grotesque crimes that according to him he committed.

However, full of anger, Bonney tells them that her father is not a tyrant and that he was forced to become a cyborgsince Kuma told his daughter that the came from a special people and race.

Bonney has revealed that Kuma.  his father belongs to a special breed

Bonney has revealed that Kuma. his father belongs to a special breed

Undoubtedly this revelation has caused great impactbecause it could explain many enigmas that are still waiting to be addressed, since if so, it is understandable why the World Government experimented with Kuma to the point of humiliating him and submitting him completely.

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that Kuma is related to Dragon and the revolutionary army. Furthermore, it has also been revealed that the Dr. Vega Punk also has a close connection to Luffy’s father.which could make more sense of everything that Bartholomew Kuma has been through and why Vega Punk before turning him completely into a cyborg, kept in his consciousness a last mission on request of this ex Shichibukaias seen in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Eiichiro Oda has given him a totally unexpected turn to his work in this last chapter, because everything seems to be falling into place, giving him the answers fans crave to one of its most interesting mysteries.