One Piece anticipates the revelation of one of its great mysteries: the true identity of this character

Kid’s plans already pointed to the meeting with this character.

Eustass Kid, one of the most powerful characters in One Piece

For years One Piece has gone posing different mysteriesbeing so that with the progress of the plot and as it approaches its inevitable (but still long) end, it can be observed that little by little all questions without answers are finding their resolutionbeing that the arrival of Eustass Kid to Elbaf would have given new clues about the identity of the one who is known as the man marked by flamesthis being a character that would be related to Nico Robin.

And it is that everything seems to indicate that, as the fans theorized, this mysterious character could be Saul, the giant who saved Nico Robin from the destruction of Ohara and who was believed to be dead by the world of One Piece and even causing one of the robin’s best moments. However, the last few chapters have revealed that saul is still alivefulfilling the old One Piece saying that without a body, there is no death.

Saul would be the man scarred by flames that has been a mystery in One Piece for a long time.

Be that as it may, Dr. Vegapunk recently confirmed that the Ohara library was saved thanks to the Elbaf Giants crew, whose captain was covered in bandages, while in a flashback it could be seen that he was very similar to Saul. And it seems that chapter 1071 of the One Piece manga almost confirms that the man marked by flames is Saul.

It should be noted that, as such, the confirmation is not total, since Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of One Piece, could perfectly be playing the mistake. However, the evidence is there and everything points to the fact that Saul, who was burned when the marines attacked Ohara and ended up being frozen and engulfed in flames, is who hides behind this identity.

In any case, we will have to be patient to see if this is confirmed in future chapters of the One Piece manga, although, as has been said, everything indicates that, indeed, Saul is the one who hides under this identity. Now it only remains to see how it will be the reunion with robin or if this happens.