One Piece: are there other devil fruits as powerful as Luffy’s?


It may be that facing the rest of the deities is the future of the franchise.

Could the other gods also have devil fruits like Nika’s in One Piece? Currently, we only know that Luffy possesses such a powerful and legendary Devil Fruit, but he might not be the only one. Starting with the God of Rain, already there is a user who could have that model. Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s fatherwho first appears in Chapter 100.

During the events in Loguetown, a mysterious storm hits the town and knocks down Buggy as he is about to kill Luffy. It’s possible that this is just a stroke of fate, but later, when Smoker has Luffy pinned down, Dragon appears and seems to send a gust of wind through the streets, blowing everyone away..

This One Piece event, although it does not determine whether it is related or not, we know that Eiichiro Oda leaves many clues about the future of the saga throughout the entire work. If this were so, that would give Dragon the ability to conjure and control rain and wind, powers that could easily fall under the umbrella of a Rain God devil fruit. The fruit could be another type of Zoan, even a human-human fruit like Monkey D. Luffy’s.

As for the Earth and Forest deities they seem to have quite similar destinies. Well, there are already some possible possessors in One Piece, for example the tremor-tremor fruit, Whitebeard’s former fruit now in Blackbeard’s handsIt has the ability to create earthquakes. This is considered the most destructive fruit in the world, and for good reason.

The user of this fruit can split and move the earth around them. The upper limit of these powers is unknown, but what if they could move entire continents? Perhaps the awakening of the fruit would allow the user to manipulate the earth itself, true powers of the Earth God? This fruit could also have had its name retroactively changed by the World Governmentjust like Luffy’s fruit.

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As for the God of the Forest of One Piece, it is a little more difficult to find a possible possessor. There still has to be a power that manipulates trees or plants. Usopp is the closest person to having that ability, and although his nickname is “God Usopp”, not a devil fruit user. A hypothetical forest god fruit would allow the user to control the varied flora of the biome it is in, perhaps even creating entire forests even in arid deserts. The user would be similar to Poison Ivy and would be limited by their knowledge of plants. The more they know, the smarter they can be in a fight using the various strengths of the flora.

Luffy’s devil fruit opens the way to the future of One Piece

Undoubtedly, Luffy’s fruit, a mythical one based on a sun god, has opened the door for other divine fruits to appear, and these fruits could become a major factor in the story as One Piece heads into the future. its end.

The One Piece fanbase collectively lost their minds when it was revealed that Luffy’s devil fruit, the Gum-Gum Fruit, was actually a Mythical Zoan all along. The human-human fruit model, Nika, he changed his name to the world government to hide his true nature and this could have happened to the rest of similar foods. We may eventually see these fruits in future chapters.

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The Sun God Nika was mentioned just a dozen chapters before this reveal, when Who’s Who told the story of the legendary warrior who would free slaves and bring smiles to people all over the world. The Sun God, however, was first mentioned in Skypeia, along with three other gods. Could all of them have a fruit of their own?

When the Shandians sacrifice Kalgara’s daughter to try to stop the plague that afflicts their tribe, they offer her to the god of Sun, Rain, Earth and Forest. Mousse, the daughter, even comments earlier that she will meet the Sun God. Although it is possible that this sun god is different from Nika, the legendary warrior appears to be wearing clothing similar to that of the Shandians in his silhouette. The Shandians are a very traditional people, so praying to the great warriors for help is something that would make sense in their culture and may soon let’s see these deities materialize in One Piece.

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