One Piece Art Imagine Life-Life King

One Piece Wano Arc introduced countless new characters who are both allies and enemies of the Straw Hat Pirates, with many of these swashbucklers coming under the control of the Beast Pirate known as Kaido in his attempt to maintain control. of the isolated nation. As the war for Wano is currently underway and Luffy and his crew struggle to determine the fate of this beleaguered country, a fan artist has created a realistic version of one of the most dangerous pirates in Kaido’s employ, the villain with the ability to transform into a pterodactyl, King.

When King first appeared as part of the Beast Pirates, he was hidden behind his black mask which had fans wondering who this top lieutenant under Kaido might be regarding his origin. In recent manga chapters, we learned that King was one of the last members of the Lunarian race, a people who had the ability to create fire from their own bodies. With his story involving King being saved from torture and experimentation by Kaido, it’s easy to see why he cast his spell behind the Beast Pirate who can transform into a dragon at will.

Reddit artist XRaynPR took the opportunity to show off his skills by donating A play fans a new version of the Beast Pirate King currently battling Zoro in the pages of the manga as he attempts to follow a similar Straw Hat dream by trying to make Kaido the next Pirate King:

King the Wildfire – Digital portrait commission I drew for tekking101 from
A play

The War for Wano has been running through both manga and anime ever since. A play for a while, but it seems the end of the fight is near as more and more Beast Pirates continue to fall before the might of the Straw Hats. Even though some Beasts have fallen, Kaido and Luffy are still fighting, meaning this current fight is all marbles as far as Wano is concerned, despite the Beast Pirates’ losses.

Eiichiro Oda has said in the past that he plans to bring A play will end within the next five years, leaving Shonen fans wondering how the story of Luffy and his crew will end.

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