One Piece: Author confirms that Luffy’s new Gear 5 is inspired by Tom and Jerry

It is not new that for a long time fans of one piece Have you ever wondered if the Similarities between Luffy’s “Gear” were inspired by Tom and Jerry cartoons. Today the doubt has been dispelled by the author himself with a resounding YES with the publication of the magazine Weekly Shone Jump This week.

Included in the pages of this issue is a joint interview with the authors Eiichiro Oda (OnePiece) and Goshō Aoyama (Detective Conan). In the conversation between the two mangakaOda expressed his point of view on the fights within the series of sleeve along with his admiration for cartoons in the West and how they influenced the powers of its protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, especially in the new Gear 5.

“I love the symbology behind those expressions but I see them less and less. No one draws them anymore even though our predecessors created and left many types. The fights within the manga have had to get more and more serious in order to connect with their fans and I’ve always hated that idea, that’s why I definitely don’t want to turn it (One Piece) into a serious manga in the end, I’ve already decided that I just want it to be about fun. That’s why I drew this (Luffy’s Gear 5) and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

Photo: special (Toei Animation)

After the author of Detective Conan praised Eiichiro Oda’s design, the author of one piece made the statement that connects its protagonist’s powers to Warner Bros.’s most popular cat and mouse:

“Thank you very much! For the concept, think of it as if I suddenly started drawing “Tom and Jerry. It was very difficult to draw it this way because the world of Tom and Jerry works thanks to two characters”

Photo: special

Did you know that Luffy’s powers are inspired by Tom and Jerry?


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