One Piece, Avatar, Pokemon … After Hellbound, discover all the manga and anime soon to be adapted on Netflix

While the series Hellbound, a new South Korean fantasy thriller adapted from the manga of the same name, released this week on Netflix, it’s time to take stock of the many adaptations to come.

This Friday, November 19 marks the release of the new South Korean phenomenon series, Hellbound, of which we know several of the actors, who could well become the next generation Squid Game, whose season 2 has just been confirmed. This signed series Yeon Sang-ho, star director of Last Train to Busan and author of the webtoon (online manga) from which the fiction is adapted, propels us into a modern Seoul where some people are announced their death and struck with a divine punishment. The platform Netflix is not at its first attempt on the side of manga adaptations, since last year the Japanese manga Alice in Borderland had been adapted and will soon be entitled to a season 2, when the South Korean webtoon horror Sweet Home also gave rise to a live-action series. And the SVOD platform has in store for us, in the coming months, new adaptations of manga and anime. Télé-Loisirs takes stock.

The most awaited: One Piece lands in live-action on Netflix

With its 1000 chapters, One Piece is, by far, the best-selling manga around the world. So when Netflix announces a live-action adaptation, fans are necessarily torn between haste and apprehension. But the platform has put the means: the series that should arrive on our screens in 2022 would have benefited from a colossal production budget of more than 100 million euros. We will find in this adaptation the whole band, from Nami to Sanji, via Luffy who will be interpreted by Iñaki Godoy, already seen in the series Who killed Sara?

Most dreaded: Netflix adapts to series Avatar, the last airbender

Again, the platform likes risk. The original animated series is available in full on the platform, much to the delight of fans of Aang and Katara. But these same fans have already suffered a lot in terms of adaptation: in 2010, M. Night Shyamalan had already adapted the series into film. A critical and commercial failure which makes this new attempt feared. Currently in filming, the series is expected to air towards the end of 2022.

The most nostalgic: the series and the film Pokemon on Netflix

Yes, in 2019 we already had the movie Detective Pikachu, but it is a larger-scale and uncorrelated project that Joe Henderson, director of the series, would prepare You, which has something in common with WandaVisionot. He would be the head of the production of both a film and a series, both in live-action, on the universe. Pokemon. If we do not yet have details regarding the cast or script, Netflix implied, however, that there would be continuity between the two productions.

The most surprising: Yū Yū Hakusho by the author of Hunter x Hunter soon in live-action

In the 1990s, when Dragon Ball Zof which Teddy Riner is a fan – monopolized the front of the stage, the most fond of Japanese animated series have also known Yū Yū Hakusho. Written by Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter x Hunter, this action manga turned animated series was to have the right to a reboot. But it is ultimately a live-action series that Netflix has announced the launch of production. We should be able to discover the journey of the original hero, Yusuke, a young delinquent who sees his destiny turned upside down after a heroic gesture.

The newest: Shaman King will finally have the right to its full animated series

Popular manga in the 2000s, Shaman King follows the story of young Manta and his encounter with Yoh, a shaman who wishes to obtain the ultimate ghost and thus, universal knowledge. This manga has already had the right to its animated adaptation in 2001 by a Canadian studio, never completed because criticized by critics and the public. We want the adaptation of Netflix bring more luck to our young shamans.