One Piece: Battle of Wano reaches its climax

Fans of the Straw Hat Crew won’t be mistaken, the battle of wano is about to deliver its conclusion. The last chapter of One Piece published in the Weekly Shonen Jump foreshadows a change that could upset the balance of power.

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The opposition between Emperor Kaido’s crew and the Straw Hats will soon come to its conclusion.


The stakes of the Battle of Wano

The summit fight going on in Wao Country is about to find out who the winner is. The most powerful members of Kaido’s crew drop one after another like flies. High places of Kaido’s crew namely King and Queen have already bitten the dust after their fight against Zoro and Sanji.

Luffy no longer has any obstacles in his path that could ruin his fight against Kaido. On the other hand, nothing is over yet, because other forces are acting in the shadows. The Cipher Pol closely follows the unfolding of this confrontation and does not intend to be mere spectators. Whatever the outcome of this battle, they intend to capture Nico Robin.

Kozuki Oden’s dream about to come true

The Tobi Roppo has already surrendered and Kaido’s Beast Pirates are in a complete corner. Kozuki Oden’s dream of one day seeing the land of the Wa open up its borders has never been closer to coming true. But everything could go wrong in a fraction of a second. Another threat hangs over everyone in Wano and that is Onigashima.

Suspended in the air thanks to Kaido’s power, the consequence of losing to Luffy would be to see Onigashima crash into the capital. Momonosuke is doing everything possible to prevent this catastrophe. However, it seems to have gone badly for Momonosuke who does not fully master the powers of his Devil Fruit. Wano’s fate hangs by a thread and it doesn’t stop with the fight between Luffy and Kaido.

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