One Piece becomes the longest book in the world: 21,000 pages and almost 2,000 euros

    one piece is one of the most popular manga (Japanese comic) series of all time. Created by Eiichiro Oda, the comic launched its first issue in July 1997 and continues to be published 25 years later. In that more than successful publishing life, the comic has been beating numerous marks, but nobody saw coming the last barrier that it has broken: that of becoming the greatest book ever published. The French publisher JBE Books has just announced the launch of a special and exclusive edition that will bring together each and every one of the pages of Oda’s manga in a single volume, and the result does not seem exactly the perfect book to read in the pool, which Let’s say. Unless you want to drown.

    JBE Books

    Empirical data: the volume weighs 17 kilos and its spine is 80 centimeters long, where a total of 21,540 pages are housed. For a real reference, put this article down—just momentarily—find the biggest book you have lying around the house, and look at it. Feel its weight. Now compare it to what you just read. We repeat: 80 centimeters, 17 kilos, 21,540 pages. Impressive, right? The tome, in fact, is titled ONE PIECE, all together and in capital letters, and is more of an art project than a truly playable book. The person in charge of the edition, Ilan Manouach, tried to achieve with it a physical materialization of the immeasurable media saturation that we live today and from which one piece It is also a participant, being one of the most legally and illegally downloaded comics.

    For Manouach, the book is directly a sculptural object that cannot be read or displayed in bookstores. It has a panoramic cover illustration that extends from cover to cover and a specific box to preserve it as a collector’s item. The artist, in fact, assures in the press release released by JBE Books, that ONE PIECE “exists only as an object of pure speculation.” The phrase makes sense when it is verified that each volume —of an exclusive print run of 50 copies— costs 1,900 euros. At the time of this writing, only five remain available.

    The Guinness World Records of one piece

    We will not incur in encouraging any otaku to spend almost 2,000 euros on a manga that literally cannot be read, but that does not mean that, as much as it is drawn, as well as written, one piece (the original manga, the content of the volume) may well be one of the best adventure books to read. An unfinished one, yes.

    The adventures of its protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, a teenage pirate capable of stretching like rubber, have earned Eiichiro Oda over the decades achievements worthy of an honorary edition as crazy as the one just announced. To get started, one piece It was the best-selling manga for eleven consecutive years, from 2008 to 2018, as well as the only one that has had continuous runs of more than three million copies for a decade. It is also the only Japanese comic to have sold over a million copies of each of its more than 100 compiled volumes. And its achievements don’t seem to have run out just yet: Last August, the manga broke the Guiness World Record for being the single-author comic series with the most copies published, breaking its own record from 2015. Currently, there are more than 500 million physical and digital copies of one piece circulating around the globe.