One Piece, Berserk… these 4 manga are among the favorite books of the French

If you still doubted it, them manga have the wind in their sails in France : Perhaps even more than one could imagine, given recent surveys.

Mangas among the favorite books of the French

Nowadays, young people no longer go out, young people are no longer workers, and “young people” are above all the target of clichés, each bigger than the other, like these examples. We also often hear that they no longer read. And when we talk about manga, the worst tongues answer that it’s not “real reading”. For these people, you probably need to have read Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo and Emile Zola to have a real culture.

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To these, therefore, answer that all these works can coexist well. Proof is, surveys have made it possible to draw up a list of the 25 favorite books of the French, among which four manga have slipped! These will be ranked with a big winner during a special broadcast organized by France 2 on December 15, The favorite book of the French. While waiting to know the results, one thing is certain: manga have therefore fully established themselves in our country.

When old and new literary classics collide

To prepare his program which will be broadcast in mid-December, France 2 has set up a site where anyone can list their 3 favorite books without any pre-established list, in order to be as neutral as possible. The 50 works that received the most revenue were then the subject of a poll in order to retain only a list of 25 books. Among these is the inevitable 1984 of George Orwell, the famous Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry, or even The Stranger by Albert Camus, alongside many other classics of French literature. The full list is available below.

#LeLivreFavoriDesFrançais will be broadcast in mid-December on France 2. The 25 most popular works (and which will make up the prize list) by the French men and women are:

November 23, 2022

In the middle of classics that you were forced to study at school, you will notice the presence of the four mangas that are Berserk, dragonball, The attack of the Titans and One Piece ! If the self-proclaimed purists risk crying foul, it is undeniable that Japanese “comics” are now a mainstay of popular culture, in France as elsewhere. It is therefore logical that we find them in the same list asHarry Potter or even Lord of the Rings !