One Piece: Black maria cosplay shows the beauty and strength of the pirate oiran

one piece It does not fall short in showing us female characters who occupy an important position among the pirates of the series, and the following black maria cosplay made by Kirinz_Cosplay (Reddit) shows one of the six commanders of the beast pirate crew.

Black Maria is a former captain who currently holds a place as one of the Tobi Roppo who lead the pirates commanded by Kaido. She is one of the tallest women who have appeared in the universe of one piece and is easily on par with the height of the sea emperors Big Mom and Kaido, so she is usually introduced as Kaido’s companion during the fire festival on Onigashima Island.

Photo: Kirinz_Cosplay (Reddit)

Black Maria displays the same style as the they will hear (courtesans) of the Land of the Samurai, wearing a black kimono with yellow flower and petal patterns. Among her numerous adornments, this woman makes it clear that she has not forgotten her roots as a pirate by carrying various knives to hold her hairstyle, while she likes to hit her enemies while she uses a pair of steel knuckles.

Photo: Kirinz_Cosplay (Reddit)

As proof of her affiliation with the Beast pirates, Black Maria has a pair of red horns growing out of her blonde hair. Right now the One Piece anime has Black Maria under her main lens, as her next fight will take place in the following episodes against the archaeologist of the Straw Hat, Nico Robin.

what did you think of this cosplay of the pirate Black Maria from one piece?


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