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Black Maria, one of the Tobiroppo in the service of Kaidou of the Beasts in One Piece, gets a cosplay that reflects her great beauty.

A character from one piece that has recently attracted attention, especially in the anime of the work of Eiichiro Odait is Black Mariasomeone reflected more than once in the fan artand of course the cosplay. She is one of the members of the Tobiroppothe most powerful and faithful pirates who serve Kaidou of Beasts. She stands out not only for her beauty, but also for her sadism when fighting.

The personality of Black Mariawho attends the brothel of Onigashima, is contrasting. She usually behaves in a very flirtatious way and seems to be very relaxed. But when you feel that someone disrespects you Kaidou his expression changes immediately. On some occasions she can behave in a motherly way, as when she took pity on Momonosuke seeing him hurt. However, the darker side of her cannot be ignored.

Black Maria in the world of one piece he is a sadistic character and loves to torture his enemies. He has a hobby of capturing men and keeping them trapped in his webs. This is how she subdues them and breaks her spirits, so that they can only think of loving and adoring her in a sick way. Despite the way she treats them she is extremely possessive and she doesn’t hesitate to hit them to break them down and discipline them.

Own Sanji He suffered her anger firsthand, to the point of being hit again and again by her with steel knuckles. That was to get the attention of Nico Robin and be able to capture it. However, this plan was a real “shot in the butt” for this villain, since it effectively attracted the attention of Robin but not in the way I wanted. To the degree that she ended up receiving a very strong slap on one of her cheeks.

the duel between Black Maria Y Nico Robin is just about to start in the anime of one piece, but those who read the manga surely know how it all ended. Looking at her appearance, she is a member of the Tobiroppo stands out for being a woman of great stature, since it measures 8 meters. Her long blonde hair is styled in the style worn by a geishawith a central comb and four rods maintaining its shape.

Likewise, it is adorned with a pair of swords and a pair of horns stand out. The latter are long and slightly curved, in addition to having a reddish color although they are lighter at the base. His face is made up highlighting his lips and he usually smokes a long pipe. As for his attire, he always wears a kimonowhich is sometimes red and sometimes black adorned with floral motifs.

Well, much of what was mentioned before can be seen in the cosplay of Black Maria of one piece made by Cathy Rin (@merorin_12). Here it should be noted that the kimono that it carries, although it has similar elements to what can be seen in the manga and anime, it is not exactly the same. It keeps the flower decorations but it is something different. But it matches her interpretation of the character as well as the setting.

The biggest difference would be the big blue sleeves and the ribbon tied at her waist. The flowers on her head are much more elaborate than those in the series. Despite the above, I think it is a cosplay of Black Maria quite competent and would not doubt that in his wardrobe he would have something like that. Is cosplayer complemented it with a pair of lenses of the same color as the eyes of this ruthless pirate in the service of Kaidou.

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