One Piece: Boa Hancock could become stronger thanks to his devil fruit

If Boa Hancock had a devil fruit awakening it’s likely she would turn into Medusa.

Boa Hancock from One Piece

Boa Hancock has made her own reputation in the world of One Piece after becoming one of the most powerful characters. And, even though he doesn’t have the biggest bounty imposed by the World Government (amounting to 80 million bells, to be exact), we can already get an idea of ​​the danger he represents.

Your invitation to join the voyages of the Seven Warlords of the Sea It didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as it was only a matter of time before the authorities realized the value she could add as a member. Of course, the fact that she accepted was not easy, thanks to her stubborn and rebellious nature. however, she herself had to accept that only in this way she could keep Lirio out of the terrible plans of the Navy.

But now that the events of the story are leading to a single conclusion in One Piece, Blackbeard came to Lirio to get at all costs from Boa’s devil fruit. Perhaps no one expected this certainly desperate move, however, in this pirate series nothing is by chance and there could be a powerful reason behind it.


Boa Hancock is quite an interesting character and full of secrets.

Who is Boa?

First of all, you should understand that Boa Hancock He had a stormy past when he traveled with his sisters and the Kuja pirates. Although things changed radically when another group of pirates intercepted them and took the girls to auction. And this terrible event ended in Marijoa, with her slavery to the Heavenly Dragons. However, a key point for them to receive these awesome powers was that the Dragons forced them to consume the devil fruits just to amuse themselves with the result of their experiments.

Maybe right now there didn’t seem to be much of a future for them, but Fisher Tiger saved them from this horrible life and returned them to Lily of the Amazons. The sisters’ shame about their past was such that they made up fantastic stories to justify their disappearance for so long and the fact that they possessed the devil fruits (so unknown to the Lily women) gave their stories more credibility.

The strangeness towards his abilities ended in a series of rumors that They were linked to Greek mythology., stating that they had to kill a Gorgon to get their powers. Hence, her new nickname was “The Gorgon Sisters”. It is likely that even you yourself have not realized that this name would make some sense in any story about the power and abilities of the sisters. But now you will know why.

Is there a link to Greek mythology?

To get into context, Gorgons are Greek mythological beings. They have spread throughout popular culture, appearing in theatrical performances, books, games, and all kinds of entertainment content. There are three Gorgons: Esteno, Euríale and Medusa. But of the latter we can say that her story is tragic during her servitude in the temple of Athena.

The problem comes when Poseidon tries to seduce her and, failing, rapes her within the walls of the sacred place. Unfortunately, Athena did not punish Poseidon for the sacrilege committed, but all his fury was directed against the deadly Medusa for allowing such desecration.

So to punish this despicable act, she transformed her hair into snakes and whoever dared to look into her eyes would turn into a stone statue. Unlike her sisters, Medusa was not immortal, which allowed Perseus to decapitate her to stop this spell. And you may wonder at this point what it has to do with Boa Hancock in all this history, well, much more than you can imagine.

There are several similarities between both characters. Both one and the other have terrifying pasts and his powers were given against his will. Another important aspect, although indirect, is that the two have two sisters. As for Medusa, she was the only mortal; and, on the other hand, Boa did not have the ability to turn into a snake like her sisters. So these elements are just the beginning of what can be an important connection.


Boa Hancock Devil Fruit

Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit is named after… Jellyfish

If until now the coincidences between the two characters seemed few, well, Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit is the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Medusa. Which leaves little doubt that there is indeed some relationship between the pirate and the gorgon. And, if we add that Boa cannot exactly turn into a snake, the absence of this ability is not a loose end in the case of this reptile.

Now if Blackbeard goes all out to get these fantastic powers it’s because they must be special in some sense and hold an interesting secret, which wouldn’t be surprising considering that Eiichiro Oda has always kept key events throughout the series hidden from him to discover in the future.

Proof of this is in Luffy, who after a long time in her devil fruit awakening he realized that it was a mythical zoan that would lead him to have special abilities. So it’s probably the case with Boa. Although we still don’t know if she has awakened the fruit or not. In any case, it would not be surprising if at some point the series revealed to us that the celestial dragons had impressive powers in their claws that they knew the sisters could never use because they were slaves and could never prove their true attributes.