One Piece breaks the most sacred rule of devil fruits and changes everything

The mysteries of the Devil Fruits are still present 20 years later.

One of the key elements of One Piece over the past two decades has been devil fruitsbeing these, as the name itself says, fruits that grant powers to those who consume thembeing so that each of these is characterized by being able to grant different abilities to those who consume them, achieving with this that acquire different Power-ups. Without going any further, Luffy, one of the great protagonists of the series, consumed one that allowed him to stretch his body without limits.

However, it must be said that, although they have been present since the beginning of the series, there are many the mysteries surrounding devil fruitsleading this to the introduction of doctor Vega Punk can clarify everything about these elements of One Piece. And it seems that it will be so, since, for now, the famous scientist who has been a mystery until recently has managed to break one of the most sacred rules of the Devil Fruits.

Doctor Vega Punk has managed to replicate the powers of a Devil Fruit with a user still alive

One Piece anticipates one of the great mysteries of the devil fruit

One Piece anticipates one of the great mysteries of the devil fruit

To put it in context, it should be noted that one of the peculiarities that Devil Fruits present is the fact that they can grant a unique ability, provided that while the user who ate it is alive there cannot be two people with the same ability. Under this same premise, this has been fulfilled until now, since Vega Punk has been able to break this rule.

And this is because in One Piece chapter 1068 it is confirmed that he has been able to replicate Kuma’s abilities through his cloning processsince in this same chapter this cyborg is shown using the powers of his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi to instantly teleport away from the Revolutionary Army base.

The amazing thing here is in Kuma’s clone Seraphim also used this ability, thus confirming this fact. It remains to be seen what this ends up assuming in the future, since at the moment the only thing that we are clear about is that its users continue without be able to swim.

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