One Piece Casts Jonah Scott As English Voice Actor For Katakuri Charlotte

The official Twitter account of the A PLAY anime has announced that Jonah Scott will be the English voice actor for Katakuri Charlotte! You may already know him as the English voice of Legoshi in BeastarsRun in Akudama DriveTatsu in The Way of the Husband at Homeadam in Recording of Ragnarok, Johnny Bolt in Super Crooks, among others. Now he will voice one of the most powerful Big Mom Pirates and one of the fan favorite characters. You can see the official announcement below:

Announcement of English voice actor Katakuri Charlotte – Jonah Scott

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The voice actor also talks about being a longtime fan of A PLAYand you can watch the video he recorded for the announcement on his official Twitter:

Crunchyroll is releasing One Piece English Dubbed Episodes in batches. The 12 new episodes have been released as Season 13 Journey 4, and include episodes 819-830. The bundle was released in digital storefronts on July 12 (Microsoft Movies & TV). Jonah Scott will make his debut as the English dubbed voice of Katakuri Charlotte in episode 825, after which he will have a major role in Whole Cake Arc. There is also a teaser clip for the voice:

Meanwhile, the anime is closing in on Episode 1025, which will be released on Saturday. Titled “Worst generation wiped out? ! The Emperors’ Deady Attack! It will premiere in Japan on July 16 at 9:30 a.m. JST, with the international version premiering 1:30 a.m. later.

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You can watch the anime on Crunchyrollwhile you can catch the latest chapter of One Piece manga for free on either VIZ website Where MANGA More. The manga is currently on hiatus until July 23.

Source: Official Twitter
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