One Piece celebrates its 1000th Logs with a bang! Update on events

One Piece in Japan as in France it’s starting to be a religion with a lot of followers! On the occasion of the 1000th chapter and the 1000th episode of the anime series, several events are on the program.

While Glénat continues its collector’s volume releases (to the delight of fans who will manage to get hold of them) volumes 98/99/100, the Grenoble house is soon offering the famous box collector which made dream the French having seen it on the Japanese sites. Simple boxes of the most beautiful effect in an old book style containing volumes 1 to 12 of the new edition printed since 2013.

For those who already own the series, know that Glénat will put on sale empty boxes, which you can fill in with your own copies, from mid-January (only if it is the 2013 version, the volumes printed previously do not have the right format to fit in the boxes). We reassure you, Glénat promised it, these boxes will be printed in quantity, it is not a limited collector’s item, there will be something for everyone so do not give in to the sirens of speculators.

You thought you had your wallet safe after that but nay because as Uncle said to Jacky “I haven’t finished”! In order to properly celebrate the 1000th Logs, the license opens an ephemeral shop at the 4 temps shopping center in La Défense. If you are from Paris or passing through the capital, do not hesitate to go and have a look, it is open until January 2, 2022.

As for the anime, it is not left out! The series puts the small dishes in the big ones by proposing a cinema broadcast of the 1000th episode ! CGR, Kinepolis and even Le Grand Rex have dedicated themselves to the occasion. In total, more than 150 rooms are associated with the project with, on the program for this November 21, episode 1000 obviously but also the broadcast of the 10th film, One Piece Strong World written by Eiichiro Oda himself and, first feature -metering of the license to have been shown in theaters with us. We will also be entitled to an unpublished portrait of Luffy in a still unknown format and of course full of small bonuses which we have in store for the surprise.

The Grand Rex event was robbed, the reservations server even jumped in front of the influx of simultaneous requests. Faced with such enthusiasm, the cinema is considering other screenings to meet demand. So don’t be sad if you haven’t got your ticket and watch the networks to hope to get your sesame soon.

Last event which will cost you nothing, the world record project around One Piece 1000 Logs ! The goal is to break the world records to display One Piece in the Guinness Book by making the largest digital photo album in the world with Wanted poster-style selfies of the various fans who played the game. is not all! If you participate you have the possibility to win lots of gifts, with a level every 1000 selfies. Every 1000 a new gift that includes lots of nice little things including at least the One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 game with its DLC, a crunchyroll subscription, a stocker board and a Luffy plush toy. Ah and, the bigger the bearing, the more beautiful the gift pack.

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The 11,000 pack to give you an idea.

A secret prize is also hidden behind the 20,000 selfies and it risks making one happy, very, very happy, no doubt. You have until November 21 to participate.

So who is the pirate king?

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