One Piece Changes Devil Fruits Forever With This Surprising Change

A Pacifista reveals more information about the devil fruits.

One Piece has been characterized for years by the fact that the devil fruits have been a great mysterythus giving rise to us being able to see how these have granted different powers to multiple charactersbeing so that this is something that not only extends to the members of the Straw Hats, but also, it has recently been possible to see what they are the Devil Fruits of Blackbeard’s crewbeing so that these are only a small part of the whole.

Now, it must be said that although we have recently had confirmation of a devil fruit theorythe truth is that these are maintained in what refers to remove the ability to swim from its users, giving rise to that we can see a great limitation. However, the last chapter of the anime seems to have given more details about it.

An encounter with a supposed Jimbe clone reveals more Devil Fruit powers.

One Piece redesigns Jimbei after joining Luffy's crew

One Piece redesigns Jimbei after joining Luffy’s crew

Recently in the anime of One Piece has revealed in its chapter 1065 the interior of Doctor Vega Punk’s laboratorythereby giving rise to the fact that the Straw Hat crew have been able to find a supposed clone of Jimbe here, which has the powers of the devil fruit of one of the members of DonQuixote.

Given this, this chapter has served to reveal that Dr. Vega Punk’s studies indicate that devil fruits modify DNA, thus giving rise to this clone being able to replicate the powers of a fruit as long as they have the genes of an ancient carrier. It should be noted that it remains to be seen if this also limits their ability to swim, but the truth is that every day we are closer to discovering what these devil fruits are hiding.

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