One Piece changes everything that is known about Joy Boy again


At least this will make a part of the fandom happy

One Piece has kept Joy Boy’s story active since his first mention in chapter 628 by Nico Robin. However, it hasn’t been until the Wano Country arc, therefore this article will contain spoilers from chapters 1044 onwards, if you haven’t read them by MangaPlus by Shueisha, you can do so and come back to this article. Now, the key point that changed everything we knew about Joy Boy until now was thanks to Zunesha.

Shortly after its first mention by Nico Robin in chapter 628 from One Piece, Joy Boy quickly became one of the most influential and mysterious figures in world history. Until the Wano arc, her existence itself could have been considered questionable at best, but her friend Zunesha has now confirmed her existence many times.. Beyond that, Zunesha has also confirmed certain aspects about Joy Boy himself, some of which are revealed in One Piece chapter 1046.

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In One Piece chapter 1046, the battle between Kaido and a Luffy with his new awakened devil fruit form continues, and Zunesha intervenes in the conflict in an interesting way. He comments on the sound of Luffy’s heartbeat, saying that it reminds him of Joy Boy. Zunesha specifically states that she feels like Joy Boy is there, saying that the battle feels like fate is about to change.. Because of this, Zunesha feels that she can’t help but put her faith in Luffy, presumably the same way she did with Joy Boy. This information confirms a much-debated aspect of One Piece lore: Joy Boy is not a title or mantle that is passed down. Joy Boy was almost certainly the name of a real person who existed before current events.

For example, Gol D. Roger once learned the true history of the world on an island he later named Laugh Tale. He lamented that he couldn’t exist in the era of Joy Boy and that he, too, had been born too soon to see “the dawn of the world,” the era he so longed to see. This made most One Piece fans assume that Joy Boy was a historical figure that existed around 800-900 years ago., when he first sees the Poneglyphs that contain information about him. Some fans even speculated that Joy Boy was still alive somewhere in the world, due to his promise to return to Fishman Island.

Luffy from One Piece is not Joy Boy

Due to this information and the new one provided by Zunesha in One Piece chapter 1046, it can be assumed that Luffy is definitely not the reincarnation of Joy Boy, but “someone who resembles his power”. It also provides even more legitimacy to Joy Boy’s existence as an individual, not a title, as previous evidence was minor at best. The information in which Zunesha compares the rhythm of Luffy’s heartbeat when he uses his awakened devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi: Nika Model, also corroborates the theory that Joy Boy once had the same devil fruit. Beyond that, since devil fruits only return to the sea once the previous eater dies, it’s all but confirmed that Joy Boy is dead.

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The confirmation of the past existence of Joy Boy arouses the euphoria of many fans who were discouraged by the idea that Luffy was a form of reincarnation of the hero.. Although Luffy has sometimes been made to be a “chosen” type figure, he would certainly defy current One Piece themes if he were a literal reincarnation of Joy Boy. The main themes of One Piece often deal with inherited ideas of will and freedom. Considering how much lore and lore is revealed in the Wano arc, including these authorized accounts from Joy Boy, it’s safe to say that once it concludes, the world of One Piece will never be the same again.

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