One Piece Chapter # 1023 Recap and Spoilers: Spitting Image

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece chapter # 1023, “Spitting Image”, by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

With 15 minutes to go until Onigashima reaches the Flower Capital and with five of the Tobiroppo out of combat, Chapter 1022 ended things clear for the alliance in the raid against the Animal Kingdom Pirates. The castle was on fire as Fukurokuju and Raizo clashed on the third floor, with Raizo questioning how a former Oden ally could work with someone like Orochi. Meanwhile, Killer and Basil Hawkins continued their fight, with Hawkins revealing that he had redirected his injuries to the Eustass Kid – who is currently fighting Big Mom alongside Law – using his dolls. On the entertainment floor, King and Queen lashed out at the traitors Otama recruited.

In the midst of this, Perospero took aim at Sanji for ruining the initial plan to marry Pudding off to create political ties with the Vinsmoke family. Fortunately, Nekomamushi appeared and confronted Perospero in retaliation for Pedro’s death. King launched an attack on an unconscious Zoro, but Marco blocked it just in time, also revealing a legend about a pyrokinetic race, hinting that King might be a member. Then, Zoro finally came out of his cocoon of bandages and, together with Sanji, attacked King and Queen. Chapter 1023 picks up on their ongoing battle to “glimpse Luffy as the King of the Pirates.”

Chapter 1023 begins with Sanji and Zoro defiantly facing King and Queen. Chopper is amazed at how well the medicine has worked, although Dr. Miyagi wonders what the side effects will be. The remaining Animal Kingdom Pirates attempt to eliminate Zoro with a pistol, but are quickly dispatched by Kawamatsu. It is then decided that no one, friend or foe, will interfere in this fight.

Marco, observing the fight, remembers that Whitebeard told him about what existed before Mary Geoise, the city located on the Red Line and capital of the World Government. Whitebeard explains that before the city was built, there used to be “a land of gods up there.” He comes back to reality when Izou saves him from being shot by the Beast Pirates. She reprimands him, reminding him that they are in the middle of a battle, but he replies that he was only waiting for her to save him. He then asks her if she believes in gods, to which she asks when “he became Pops when he was drunk”.

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King and Queen confront Sanji and Zoro, with Queen asserting her power as two of the Three Calamities protecting Kaido. He fires a laser through the duo’s mouth, which they manage to dodge, although Sanji appears unstable. When Zoro asks what is wrong with him, Sanji replies that since he put on the assault suit, he feels bad. Zoro warns him not to drag him, but Sanji explains that he’s not bad, just weird. As they argue, King throws his katana at them, but Zoro deflects it. Reina launches a Wedding Grab attack on him, but Sanji returns the favor by blocking it for Zoro.

Queen begins to taunt Sanji by saying that she has heard that all of Vinsmoke’s children are cyborgs and that their father is a madman. He then asks if the burning leg technique Sanji uses is the result of machine parts, but Sanji replies that he is 100% human. Queen counterattacks by asking if a human burns like Sanji does and that he knows that Sanji is not a lunary, to which King has a strange reaction. Sanji explains that his fire comes from his inner passion, and proves it by preparing another fire attack. Queen then yells that she is going to show Sanji “the power of a cyborg that even Vegapunk cannot create”.

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Meanwhile, Zoro tries to corner King, but the Calamity surprises him not only by blocking the attack, but by extending his katana to reveal serrated teeth. These slam shut and snatch two of Zoro’s swords, opening the doors for a direct hit to the face. Zoro blocks the attack with his remaining sword and realizes that King is just a killing machine, with no real technique in his swordsmanship. King asks him if he needs a school or a style to wield the sword. Zoro replies no and that, like King, he will do anything to win the fight, technique aside.

Elsewhere, Kawamatsu and Hyogoro watch the battle from afar. Kawamatsu admits that, when Hiyori decided to give Zoro Enma, he didn’t stop her because he understood her reason: Zoro resembles Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Ringo’s Daimyo and a descendant of Shimotsuki Ryuma, the God of the Sword. Kawamatsu believes that fate must be at work, especially considering that Ryuma was also a one-eyed samurai like Zoro.

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In the treasure room on the third floor, Jack confronts Inuarashi. Jack forgives Wano for going broke to keep up the lie about Oden, but Inuarashi explains that if they had handed Raizen over, they would have been so embarrassed that they would never return to Wano, and that each day since Oden’s death has been one more day. close to doomsday. He manages to throw Jack against the wall, sending him through it. We then see a flashback of Inuarashi stating that he doesn’t know Raizo and that he would cut his belly if such a man were there. He then continues his speech, explaining that for 20 years he wondered if he was still an Oden samurai. Jack asks how he became Sulong, and then he realizes that there is a hole in the ceiling. Inuarashi then enters his Sulong form as he explains that they would have dropped an ancient city if it meant the dawn of a new world.

Back at the main entrance to the Skull Dome, Nekomamushi also turns into Sulong, praying that Peter will keep an eye on him. Then he tells Perospero that this will be the last full moon he will see. On the second floor of the castle, Fukurokuju taunts Raizo, saying that he and the other servants are reduced to following a boy. Raizo replies that Oden was the one who raised them to be samurai and that they all grow throughout their lives. He is sure that Wano will protect Momonosuke when he becomes an adult. In the port of Tokage, Momonosuke has assumed his dragon form, causing everyone except Luffy to panic, thinking that he is an enemy. Once Luffy confirms that he is Momo, Shinobu tearfully explains that the little lord is now a 28-year-old adult. Momo’s adult appearance clearly reminds Shinobu of someone, but we don’t see him. Luffy wonders for a moment, but then he focuses on going back to Wano, with Momonosuke preparing to go.

The next chapter will be released in English on September 13, 2021.