One Piece Chapter # 1024 Recap and Spoilers: So-And-So

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece chapter # 1024, “So-And-So”, by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

At the beginning of the previous chapter, Sanji and Zoro were on the battlefield together, ready to face King and Queen. The remaining Pirates of the Animal Kingdom took aim at the Straw Hats, but were stopped by Kawamatsu. An agreement was reached that the four fighters would only fight each other, without interruption. Queen taunts Sanji, and then names the race King might belong to: the Lunarios. Kawamatsu and Hyogoro then begin to talk about how Zoro resembles Shimotsuki Ushimaru, a descendant of the swordsman Shimotsuki Ryuma. They also point out that Ryuma was a one-eyed samurai, that it must be fate that brought Zoro to Wano.

As the full moon rose, both Inuarashi and Nekomamushi changed to their Sulong forms in their respective battles, revitalized to take down the Animal Kingdom Pirates once and for all. Below the fighting, at Tokage Harbor, Luffy was confronted by a fully grown Momonosuke dragon. The little lord’s plan for Shinobu to turn him into an adult has worked, and not only has he grown, but so have his Devil Fruit powers. He is now 28 years old, the age he would be if he had not traveled back in time. Luffy does not question this evolution, but accepts it. Together, he and Momonosuke will return to the battlefield, ready to finally face Kaido once more.

We open on the Second Floor, where Usopp looms over a group of fallen Animal Kingdom Pirates. They wonder if they are being victimized by the Supreme King’s Haki. Usopp mocks them, saying that they did not have the will to “remain conscious before [su] overwhelming presence. “He goes on to claim that he eliminated two of the Tobi Roppo, and the Animal Kingdom Pirates take it at face value. Nami, Tama, and Speed ​​wait in a safe place. Speed ​​points out that it’s Big Mom’s Haki that is that she is eliminating the Animal Kingdom Pirates as she is on the same floor somewhere. Nami tries to find out where Luffy is and contacts Franky. Franky assures her that the lack of news means her friends are safe, and then tells him that the group should go down to their location in the Right-Brain Tower since all the enemies are starting to move to the Yield Floor.

On the third floor, Brook carries a weakened Robin as the ground burns uncontrollably around him. Everyone begins to evacuate to the Yield Plant to escape the flames. He comes across a group of Alliance members and asks how the battle is going, but is told that everything is too chaotic to tell. He calls Jimbei on the Fourth Floor, fighting alongside the Kid Pirates, and warns him that the Third Floor is on fire. This prompts Jimbei to ask who is fighting Kaido on top of the Skull Dome. We briefly see Hyogoro, Kawamatsu, and the Samurai trying to stop the onslaught of Pirates trying to escape the fire.

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At the top of the Skull Dome, Yamato and Kaido are still in the heat of battle. Yamato claims that Kaido has always intended to kill him, to which his father confirms. Kaido replies, “This is not a family feud. If you want to bear Oden’s name, you must be prepared for war.” Yamato asks if it is a crime to admire someone, and then declares his love for Oden.

We move on to a flashback in which Kaido is told that “the Ogre Princess” has been causing trouble for the past week and a young Yamato declaring that he is Oden, begging his father to remove the chains. Kaido asks the boy if he is responsible for the numerous knocked out Pirates around him. Yamato says that they just fell off, and then begs Kaido to give him some food. Kaido realizes that Yamato can use the High King’s Haki, but replies that if Yamato wants to take Oden’s name, then he can die. Kaido leaves Yamato in a cave, and says that he will give him a month to “come to his senses.” His team protests, saying that Yamato will really die and that the samurai are also locked up there. Yamato begs Kaido not to leave him in the dark.

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Before leaving, he turns his attention to the samurai, saying that if they join his army, he will let them go. Then he has them bring food, but only for one. He also has swords brought. Yamato pleads with Kaido, saying that the samurai will obviously kill the boy because it is Kaido’s. Kaido asks, “But isn’t that you Oden?” Yamato muses that this is true, but that he is smart enough to know that the samurai hate him for being Kaido’s son. He knows that samurai will fight over food, but only after they have killed him.

The samurai give Yamato food and turn their backs on him, saying that a samurai does not feel hungry. Yamato believes them, thinking they are amazing, and begins to eat while thanking them with a mouthful of rice. He asks them if he could also be a samurai, and one of them cuts the chain that holds him to the wall. The samurai replies that Yamato is Kozuki Oden and that he was very loved by everyone. Yamato asks the samurai’s name, to which he replies: “What name does a fallen samurai need …? Just call me that.”

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Yamato asks the samurai to read Oden’s journal to him, and they are surprised to see that it is Oden’s travel journal. They read to young Yamato, who is inspired by its content. After ten days, the samurai realize that Kaido was serious about letting his son die. They say they won’t be in 20 years to witness the battle, but Yamato promises them that he will fight on Wano’s side. They say their words warm their hearts and help them escape, putting their own lives in danger. They tell Yamato that they know they will die, but that it is better than being consumed in the cave.

In the present, Yamato declares that he is not alone. He asks Kaido why he steals not only Yamato’s freedom, but Wano’s as well. Kaido responds that life is not a series of simple questions with simple answers. Throw a Thunder Bagua at Yamato before the chapter ends.

The next chapter of One Piece will premiere on Sunday, September 13.