One Piece Chapter # 1031 Recap & Spoilers: Warrior of Science ⋆ JAPANFM

Attention Zone Spoilers

We open up on the aftermath of Law and Kid’s combined attack on Big Mom. Everyone is shocked and thinks that even Big Mom couldn’t survive such a devastating blow. Law and Kid begin to talk about Kid’s Awakened Devil Fruit abilities, which allow him to assign magnetic fields to whomever he wants. However, he refuses to tell Law how long this is going on.

Suddenly, one of the metal beams flies off, and Big Mom surprisingly gets up, shocking everyone. She asks “Life or Oshiruko?” All the pirates start to panic as their souls are sucked out of their bodies. She then uses these souls to bring the metal around her to life, while giving up a year of her own life. She starts to get taller and taller until she towers over Kid and Law. She congratulates them for causing her so much pain, then challenges them once more, and they prepare for another round.

Meanwhile, Yamato struggles to pass the many fighters on the battlefield, so he decides to go through the Cave Chamber, where we find Apoo and X Drake fighting. Drake declined Apoo’s offer to partner and fights Aloo to reimburse Luffy. He understood how Apoo’s attacks work, explaining that he uses his hearing to activate them and his sight to aim. Although his tricks have been discovered, Apoo doesn’t let himself be intimidated, not when he has three Numbers on his side.

Yamato bursts into the room, not knowing why the two are together. Apoo begins plotting once more, thinking he would have a better chance of convincing Yamato to confront Kaido with him. He calls Yamato, but Kaido’s son refuses to listen to him, saying he has severed ties with his father. Apoo plays the game by saying he has information he wants to hear. This ploy works, but not on the person he wanted.