One Piece: Chapter 1036 Bushido is the way of death

Chapter 1035 took place in the aftermath of Sanji’s victory, as Queen was launched from Onigashima and into the air. Sanji turned to the woman he had met in the hallway and handed her Chuji, his girlfriend she had risked her life for. Thinking about the fact that he also loved to feed mice as a child, he collapses. Back on the outside, Zoro is still battling King and his own sword Enma which drains his Haki. Finally, King’s face is revealed and it is confirmed that he is indeed a Lunarian wanted by the World Government. The two continue to clash, with King remembering the time Kaido helped him escape his captivity and gave him a new name. Driven by their loyalty to their captains, the two swordsmen trade blows until Zoro manages to overpower King and ends the fight.

The new chapter continues after Zoro’s mighty blow against King, which sliced ​​one of the Lunarian’s wings in half. As he falls, King thinks of his captain, remembering a conversation between them about whether King was Joyboy or not. Kaido continues to deny it, asking if the world he’s creating is the one King really wants. King says his life now belongs to Kaido, prompting him to be the strongest and promising him to fight to become the Pirate King. Zoro also remembers the same promise he made to his own captain. His determination rekindled, Zoro declares himself King of the Underworld. When the King falls, Zoro is officially declared the winner.

One of the Marys watches, while another declares the result to CP0’s masked member with two bands along her right cheek. While this does not bode well, there are still two great contenders who can turn the tide. We zoom out to see how close Onigashima is to the Flower Capital, with boxed text reminding that even if Luffy wins his fight against Kaido, the island will no longer be held back by the dragon flames clouds. Momonosuke still tries to hold the island in place, but he struggles. Below the island, Yamato is still rushing to reach the armory before Kanjuro’s fiery spirit of hatred does. As he reaches the doors of the armory, Yamato stumbles upon Rokki, a member of the Numbers who is taking a nap against the door. Luckily, Fuga is right behind him, and Yamato asks him to take Rokki down quickly. Fuga charges Rokki, knocking down the door in the process. Yamato thanks him and asks him to keep Rokki down.

Meanwhile, Usopp pushes back a swarm of Pirates from the Animal Kingdom, protecting Kin’emon and Kikunojo. Kin’emon asks Usopp to take Kiku and run away, while Kiku asks him otherwise. Usopp threatens to abandon them both and save his own skin. He asks what’s the point of coming to the crawl space if they’re just going to give up and die. He begins to lecture them, telling them that he doesn’t like them being ready to die out of pride, that he doesn’t care about looking pathetic as long as he survives. His words have some effect on the samurai, but by the time he seems to understand them he is about to be attacked by several opponents at once. Just then, Izo arrives, pushing them away. Usopp doesn’t recognize it, but hackers do. Izo holds his sister back, saying they’ll have plenty of time to talk later. He orders Usopp to take Kin’emon and Kiku to safety, and surprises him by telling him that he knows his name. Wasting no time, Usopp and Hamlet escape as Izo prepares to hold back the pirates.

One Piece 1036

Back on the third floor, Raizo and Fukurokuju placed paralysis jutsu on top of each other. Fukurokuju points out that the fire hit Raizo’s side first and will likely kill him before the jutsu wears off. Raizo stands firm as Lord Oden’s Vassal. In the treasure store, Orochi wonders why Fukurokuju is so long as he spends time with Komurasaki. He asks her to play her favorite song, which she does. We then move to the second floor basement, where Inbi and Apoo run away, leaving Zanki behind to fight off the two masked CP0 members who were chasing Brook and Robin. Zanki falls and the CP0s report to their other members that Robin was not captured. They are then told that the Lead Performers have been defeated. As the appeal continues, the third member states that the outcome of this battle will fan the flames of change around the world. Despite this, one of the other two members simply asks, “Don’t you think they’ve already reached the limit of what a human being can do?” “. Luffy is then seen fighting Kaido, launching a Roc Gun attack and sending Kaido flying backwards, also falling to the ground. The two stand up and declare that they are having fun.