One Piece Chapter 1040 Recap and Spoilers: Wasted Words on Young Ears

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1040, “Wasted Words on Young Ears”, by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English on Viz Media.

In the previous chapter, Big Mom was able to resist Kid and Law’s assault, but just barely. Despite her efforts, she got back on her feet and revealed a new ability called the Mother Visiting Cannon: 3,000 Leagues of Misery. To everyone’s surprise, the attack was another Homie and she had a life of her own. In one last push, Law plunged his sword deep into Big Mom’s chest, the blade of his sword extending through his body, across the island and onto the ground. As his team begged him to stay away, he unleashed his Puncture Wille attack, sending a shock wave through Big Mom’s body and creating a crater in the ground under Onigashima. While she was still reeling from Law’s attack, Kid launched his, called Damned Punk, by firing a large laser cannon at Big Mom.

We reopen in the middle of Kid’s Damned Punk’s attack on Big Mom. We also have a little infographic on the location of the battle and where the tunnel Law created with his last attack is relative to the rest of the island. Big Mom is still clinging to the ground, preventing her from falling into the hole created by Law. She taunts them, saying that she can bear the brunt of the attack when she deflects it, give her 50 years of their lives, or keep her life and serve her. Despite the energy of Kid’s attack, Big Mom smiles and begins to suck the life out of those around them. The Kid’s crew suggest they retreat just as their lives begin to be sucked out as well.

Surprised by the fact that Big Mom doesn’t seem fazed by Kid’s efforts, even Law’s team starts trying to talk him out of it, but he tells them to take their own advice. Kid reaffirms that Big Mom doesn’t scare him and Law activates his Re-ROOM ability, annoyed at how his death cry will sound. His bravery and the fact that their lives are not exhausted shock the men around them, considering that Big Mom is an emperor of the sea.

Misery begins to get closer to Law in an effort to try and help Big Mom. The boy just makes fun of Big Mom, saying that he doesn’t know when to stop. Law uses her Silence ability on her, saying that’s what her savior would have done to her, finally ending all the noise she was creating. Misery goes to attack Law, but just as he does, Kid launches another Damned Punk attack at Big Mom. As Big Mom gets caught up in the attack, Law cuts Misery in half.

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This second attack from the Damned Punk sends Big Mom crashing to the ground below her and all she can do is silently wonder why her Homies don’t come to her rescue. She crashes into the Armory, where Yamato is, who is surprised that Big Mom not only suddenly crashed into the ceiling, but that she did it without making a sound. In a moment of desperation, she reaches out and manages to damage one of the bombs, which promptly explodes. Yamato creates an ice barrier to protect himself from it, but the spirit of the Burning Fury is also hit by the blast.

Outside, Momonosuke is shocked by the explosion. Despite his best efforts, Big Mom keeps falling to the ground below and into the crater Law created. In his last moments, he curses Gol D. Roger for making his infamous speech during his execution. He blames her for everything that happened, saying that he had nothing to lose and that he left the consequences for the other pirates to clean up. He wonders if something from One Piece is in Wano, if it exists at all. In his last seconds, he curses Kid and Law, warning him not to assume he’s going to die.

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During his monologue, there is a glimpse of what is happening in other areas of the island. The explosion has blown up Chopper, Jimbei and others. Brook and Robin keep trying to escape the fire. Zoro is lying on the ground in a pool of blood before the island around him crumbles. Hiyori, still disguised as Komurasaki, is now wearing her fox mask as she plays her shamisen. Fukurokuju finally collapses to the ground as he and Raizo are burning, calling for water as he hits the ground. Raizo is still standing despite the fire.

As she falls into the crater, Big Mom curses Kid and Law, saying that their current situation would not be enough to kill her. As a huge explosion detonates under the island, the final results are shown: The New Generation has finally defeated Big Mom. As the two captains catch their breath, their crews begin to celebrate their victory and rush to their side.

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Thanks to the new hole in the island, Momo and Yamato meet again. Momo asks about the hole and if Yamato was in the basement. Yamato confirms this and explains that one of the bombs went off and that he was able to stop the other bombs from going off by freezing them. Momo is glad to see her friend living with her and asks her to listen carefully. She explains to him that Zunesha is on his way, something Yamato recognizes from Oden’s diary. Momo goes on to explain that 800 years ago, Zunesha committed a serious crime, back in the time when he was Joyboy’s partner…

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, February 27.