One Piece Chapter 1041: A Flashback of the Kaido-Big Mom Meeting? – melty

By sydney

– Published on 24 Feb 2022 at 16:47

Now that Big Mom is definitely knocked out, the next chapter 1041 of One Piece should bring us more details on the youth of the two yonkou Big Mom and Kaidô, and their meeting!

That’s it ! We wouldn’t have thought it, but Whole Cake Island’s monster, sugar-obsessed ogress, queen of homies is definitely knocked out, and not even by Luffy, but by his two closest rivals. the worst generation: Law and Kid! A real upheaval in the very fragile warrior arithmetic of Onigashima, the two camps seeming more or less equal a few weeks ago. But now that the Tobi Roppo, Okanban and Yonkou are no longer on the battlefield, the game seems to have definitely turned in Luffy’s favor. The biggest piece remains, Kaido. But before the last moments of this epic fight, we should be entitled to a little throwback to the Eiichiro Oda sauce!

Indeed, we have become accustomed in One Piece to seeing a flashback appear following the fall of a main character. This is still what had happened a little back for King, when he was defeated by Zoro, and we could see his beginnings in piracy in the company of the young Kaidô. The same goes for Big Mom, whose early youth we already know in the company of Mother Caramel and her legendary freakout, for whom a new piece of her personal story should be revealed to us – this time directly linked to Kaidô.

A presentation of their first meeting?

And it is their first meeting that should be offered to us by Oda, perhaps even a little before their integration into the crew of the Rocks, which would allow the author to keep a certain mystery around this figure. The two could thus appear in post-adolescent mode, at the same age as Luffy currently, explaining their goals in life. An opportunity to make a nice transition chapter?