One Piece Chapter 1042: Kaido in full power mode? – melty

By sydney

– Published on 02 Mar 2022 at 17:49

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1042 will be totally centered around the end of the fight between Luffy and Kaido, whose fight rages on top of the skull. The Straw Hat should now face a Kaido that uses all its power!

Is the end of the war tomorrow on Onigashima? This is a real question when you see how well things have turned out for the Mugiwara team as well as the samurai alliance. But there remains a monstrous piece, which is nothing other than Kaido, against which Luffy has multiplied ever more prodigious attacks, including the latest Hydra seems to have raised the temperature again. The most powerful creature in this world is left with only one solution to finally put an end to this fight, which is very damaging to its hold on Wano Kuni, and that is to use all its power.

So finished playing! Oda should thus in the new delivery which will fall at the end of the week show the almost mythical side of Kaidô, which earned him the title of number one of living creatures. The only question in this area is whether he will simply put more force into slapping his opponent, or whether a new attack might be in the game. What is certain is what has never been seen since the confrontation with Oden which is being prepared… Until the arrival of a new intruder?

CP-0, a beneficial intervention?

Indeed, it must be remembered that the CP-0 received a brand new mission, which is simply to get their hands on the Mugiwara. And the small squad, after freeing Izou from his path, should quickly go up the steps that will lead to Luffy and Kaido. Does the mangaka prepare us for the unfinished end of the huge fight that animated the top of Onigashima’s skull, to be able to put the World Government on the table and prolong the war on a much larger level? In any case, this is what seems to be looming!