One Piece Chapter 1042: Luffy, a new Oden? Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 06 Mar 2022 at 16:03

It’s a rather surprising chapter 1042 of One Piece that is offered to us this week, with Luffy who finally had to give in to Kaidô, but who only received the final blow due to an outside intervention. … from CP-0!

That’s it, the battle of Onigashima is coming to an end! We had seen that the fights could not last forever, despite the unfailing resistance and endurance of the two monsters at the top of Onihashima’s skull, Luffy and Kaido! But if the two rivals have played the powder, it is the logic that was respected this time, with an apparent victory of the most powerful creature in the world. Unfortunately for the latter, no joy will be there, since like what had led to the end of Oden 20 years earlier, it is help from outside, that of CP-0 , which resulted in Luffy’s knockout. Enough to spoil the joy of the monster of Wano Kuni, and perhaps push him to go and hold the secret organization of the World Government to account!

Will CP-0 taste the terror of Kaido?

In effect, if we expected a Berserk mode from Kaidô, who was now forced to throw all his forces into battle, we could not have foreseen that an Oden-bis situation was going to fall on us at the end of the chapter. But if we can be disappointed with such a finish, we can also understand Oda’s reasons. On the one hand, it allows the mangaka not to destroy Kaido’s reputation, and not to immediately put Luffy on top of the world, and on the other, it pushes the captain of the Hundred Beasts crew towards a new enemy: the navy, and the CP-0.

An unnatural alliance?

Chances are that Luffy’s downfall won’t mean the end of the arc, but rather its continuation into a clash against the forces of the World Government that have massed in the vicinity. We would thus see Kaidô seized with such anger that he would forget for a moment the rebels and the Mugiwara to jump at the throats of the representatives of “justice”. And by pushing the reasoning a little further, we can even imagine yesterday’s enemies not making friends but attacking the navy together. Too crazy for you?