One Piece Chapter 1043: Luffy, definitely knocked out? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 09 Mar 2022 at 18:05

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1043 promises to be particularly gripping, with the long-awaited end of the fight between Kaido and Luffy, which may well be punctuated with crazy revelations!

That’s it ! After the big treacherous blow made in CP-0, Luffy took a full apple attack from Kaido who had defeated Oden in his time – enough to be pretty sure of his knockout. While the clashes kept turning in favor of the rebellion and the Mugiwara in recent weeks, with in particular the incredible King who ended up falling all the blows of Zoro, Luffy will be the exception which confirms the rule. Oda this time wanted to enforce the hierarchy, which will allow him to continue the Wano arc, by other means. Indeed, now that Luffy is on the ground, but Kaidô is alone, what is the mangaka preparing for us? If the continuation and the end are difficult to predict, we can on the other hand expect revelations.

Luffy, revelation mode?

We have indeed seen in almost every chapter in recent weeks little bits of clues follow one another, whether with the arrival of Zunesha, the object of a great sin 800 years ago, or the fear of the Gorosei vis -à-vis a “mythical” devil fruit whose name would have been changed, and this without even talking about Joy Boy who is on everyone’s lips. Now that Luffy is down, in the great tradition of Oda, we should be entitled to a revelation that will completely turn us around, before the rest of the fight.

Devil Fruit or Zunesha?

The only question here is to know which of the mythical figures the mangaka will turn to to calm his reader’s cravings. Are we going to find out more about the sins of Zunesha, or is it rather this famous devil fruit – which, let’s face it, totally seems to be the gomu gomu no mi – who will surprise us? In view of Luffy’s state of total knockout, we will not be surprised that it is rather the latter who is on the front of the stage, with perhaps an awakening on the program… so that finally the story of the century forgotten reveals itself a little?