One Piece Chapter 1044 (Spoilers): Does the new gomu gomu no mi sign the end of the manga? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on Mar 25, 2022 at 1:39 p.m.

Warning, spoilers! One Piece Chapter 1044 reveals one of the greatest mysteries of the entire Eichiiro Oda saga, with the new name of the gomu gomu no mi unveiled, namely the Hito Hito no Mi, model Nika, which makes Luffy the so waited for Joy Boy. Are we not there in front of a beginning of the end for One Piece?

We were all waiting for it since two weeks, and we finally had it: the awakening of Gomu gomu no mi, as well as the unveiling of his true identity. The Gorosei indeed teaches us that the latter is nothing less than a zoan (and not a paramecia!) Hito Hito no mi, model Nika – the fruit of the devil obviously specific to the one called Joy Boy. An identity confirmed by Zunesha, and which finally makes Luffy the long-awaited child of the prophecy, of which Gol D. Roger spoke in particular. But if the incredible display of strength of this fruit, endowed with the “most ridiculous power in the world” according to the word of the Gorosei impresses directly in front of Kaido, isn’t his arrival slightly premature? Aren’t we indeed in front of a beginning of end, whereas many things remain to be lived for the crew of Mugiwara?

The bleeding Gorosei

Joy Boy, the ultimate enemy of the World Government

Indeed, when you think about it, the World Government is only afraid of one thing, and that is to finally see a D. become again this Joy Boy who has been their worst enemy for 800 years. But he is now clearly identified, since he is Monkey D. Luffy, fifth emperor, whose head is put at 1.5 billion berries, and who is currently fighting against the most powerful creature in the world on Onigashima Island. The only logical reaction from Ym-sama’s henchmen would be to rally the whole world against this antichrist.

A premature arrival?

Yes, but there are still several major stages of Luffy’s adventure before the final fight. The Straw Hat must still go to the island of Elbaf, defeat the other yonkou and take his revenge on Blackbeard before even liberating the world by destroying the World Government (final stage of his journey). Moments that it would seem difficult to live fully if the whole of the Navy stuck to him. And conversely, if ever Oda continued to make him sail quietly through the Shin-Sekai despite the revelation of his new attributes of Joy Boy, and without him having to make the revolution immediately behind, would not risk not make his story illogical and undermine the Joy Boy mythos?