One Piece Chapter 1047 Out Now; how to read it for free in Spanish

One Piece is one of the most popular contemporary manga. Eiichiro Oda’s work celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2022, and it does so with new chapters, which continue to trace the history of Luffy and his company. Chapter 1046 marked the end of a run of three consecutive weeks with new manga adventures. After the break, Oda returns to the fray: Episode 1047 in Spanish is now available.

One Piece 1047: now available for free and in Spanish

The Wano arc continues in issue #20. Weekly Shōnen Jump, but also in the application that hosts many of the most famous shonen. To read One Piece episode 1047 in Spanish for free, all you have to do is access the page dedicated to the series at plus sleeve, both through the browser and the mobile application designed for iOS and Android devices. Just below these lines we provide you with the direct links to enjoy the episode.

One Piece in Manga Plus.

Manga Plus, the official free and legal app to read manga

Manga Plus is the official application of the Japanese publisher Shueisha, which will sound familiar to many readers because it is the home of some of the most successful manga in history. In addition to One Piece and Dragon Ball, they are the owners of Naruto, Bleach or My Hero Academia, among many others. All these sagas are released simultaneously on the service, either in their monthly or weekly editions.

Manga Plus’s business model is channeled through advertising, so you can use it for free and read its content in Spanish and English. After a while, many of the chapters say goodbye and disappear.

Anyway, now it’s possible read in full all the series in progress, although there are some restrictions: it can only be read in English once. Instead, the first three chapters and the last three are preserved until the rotation.

Source | plus sleeve