‘One Piece’ chapter 1047 spoilers have been leaked online


Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1047.

One Piece fans know that the series seems like it will never end. We have received more than 1000 episodes of the anime and the same goes for the manga chapters. Although we know that the manga plans to end in a couple of years, there is still a lot of content that has not been released yet.

Somehow, a One Piece fan found out what the upcoming Chapter 1,047 of the manga will be about and leaked the details online. This is what is happening.

What Happens in ‘One Piece’ Chapter 1047?

As of this writing, One Piece Chapter 1,047 has not been officially released. However, some spoilers have already been leaked on the One Piece subreddit. In a post made on April 19, 2022, a user claimed that the next chapter is titled “The Sky of the Capital” or “The Sky of the Capital,” depending on the source.

Source: Toei Animation

Kaido fighting Luffy

Chapter 1047 sees a flashback of Kozuki Momonosuke traveling to the future in Oden castle as it burns. Meanwhile, Luffy is fighting with Kaido and uses the “Gomu Gomu no Thunder” attack against him. Luffy is able to punch Kaido with a fist so large that it is the size of Onigashima Castle.

The subreddit user initially says that Luffy’s fist is as big as the castle, but also says that Luffy tells Momonosuke to protect Onigashima, making his fist as big as the island itself. The user posits that by preparing to punch Kaido, Luffy’s fist becomes so big that it is big enough to destroy the entire island.

The subreddit also reveals that while fighting, Kaido says that Gol D. Roger was not a Devil Fruit User and that his “abilities” are not necessary for world domination. Although it was never confirmed in the series, there have been fan theories suggesting that Roger was a devil fruit user, so this reveal certainly clears things up.

Source: Toei Animation

Kaido and Luffy in battle

On top of that, Orochi (who still hasn’t explained how he’s still alive) loses a seastone nail and transforms. The subreddit doesn’t say what he transforms into or how this affects the rest of the story.

At the bottom of the post, the user says that the information they posted was confirmed by Redon at Apforums, who is known for the accuracy of his leaks.

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