One Piece Chapter 1048: Misfortunes of Wano Kuni! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on May 08, 2022 at 16:56

One Piece Chapter 1048 continues on the same path with the Kaido vs Luffy fight still continuing, this time with a new flashback of the conquest of the land of the samurai by the captain of the Hundred Beasts crew.

Kaido and Luffy are clearly alone in the world. We see it with the last chapters, where after the awakening of the Hito Hito no mi model Nika, Kaido has finally found an adversary to match him, capable of becoming giant at will or even using lightning like an Ener! And this week, it’s that fight that dominates again, with Luffy preparing to bring his giant fist down on Onigashima as Kaido unleashes a new fiery dragon mode attack. But this is only a preparation for the next week’s release, since what dominates in the current chapter is a new flashback from the Wano Kuni era where we see the daimyo submit by Kaido. And for the most curious of us, it’s another opportunity to see the boss of Shimotsuki, who looks a lot like Zoro!

Kaido still there

A feeling dominates today: weariness. If we were hyped by the power of Kaidô, and by the new form of Luffy, just like elsewhere the revelation of the importance of Haki, it must be admitted, the fight drags on. A feeling still supported by the fact that a flashback is imposed on us which, it must be admitted, does not bring anything at all, and brings us back to the moment when Kuri castle was destroyed (already seen), and the vassals of the subjugated Kozuki (already known by yamato’s flashback). In short, we have the impression that Oda is artificially dragging out the narration, precisely when we are already in the longest arc in the entire history of One Piece.

Strongly the end of Kaidô?

It must be said that now we have gone around the opponents on the island of Onigashima. Most fans are speculating on what might happen next, whether it be on the side of the Navy, the World Government, and especially on the level of revelations that still lie in Oden’s logbook. We hope that this way of dragging on Oda’s part is a way of preparing for new booms. With a clue about the upcoming One Piece?