One Piece Chapter 1048 Out Now; how to read it for free in Spanish

After last week’s hiatus, Eiichiro Oda and the Straw Hats are back at it again. One Piece returns this May 8 and it does so with its chapter 1048, which is now available for reading on Manga Plus (where it is in Spanish and for free).

The Wano Arc is coming to an end and this chapter picks up right where the previous one left off, with Luffy launching his final attack against kaido. A gigantic fist that could take down its enemy… but at the cost of also destroying the island of Onigashima. As you will be wanting to know what happens next, we do not go into spoilers or spoilers and we tell you how and where to read chapter 1048 online of the One Piece manga in Spanish.

Where to read One Piece manga chapter 1048?

Chapter 1048 of the One Piece manga is called “20 years” and can be read officially, free and in Spanish through the website of plus sleeve or from its application for mobile devices (iOS and Android). And in case you want to refresh where we left off, remember that in Manga Plus you also have the two immediately previous chapters available.

  • Read One Piece Manga Chapter 1048 on Manga Plus via this link.
  • Download Manga Plus on your Android mobile clicking here.
  • Download Manga Plus on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) clicking here.

One Piece manga 1048 free Spanish

Manga Plus, the app that every One Piece fan must have

Many One Piece fans believe that they can only keep up with the manga by pirating it or waiting months and months until the different volumes arrive in their country. Not much less! There is a better alternative: Manga Plus, the official application of the publisher Shueisha. This publisher is in charge of the prestigious Weekly Shonen Jump or V-Jump magazines. That is, the Japanese magazines in which Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia and the rest of the great manga of the moment are published.

In Manga Plus, the publisher Shueisha fully offers free the first three and the last three chapters of each series. Of course with the best possible image quality and with official translations carried out by professionals. Manga Plus is updated every time a new chapter comes out in Japan, so both via the web and via the mobile app, we are facing best way to read one piece and the only one that supports the original author.