One Piece Chapter 1049: Kaido, Endgame! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on May 16, 2022 at 11:38

One Piece Chapter 1049 seems to complete a great cycle, with Luffy’s decisive blow against Kaidō ending a huge fight that punctuated the entire Wano Kuni arc. The beginning of a new era ?

“Kaido, still there”, “Invincible Kaido”, “Ultimate Monster Kaido”. It’s a myth that flies away in One Piece with this week’s chapter, the monstrous captain of the Beasts crew who had to face a huge fist full haki brandi in front of him by Luffy is finally crushed by the latter, despite his last flaming dragon technique. An end accompanied as often in the series by a first flashback on the youth of Kaidô, where we see what are the reasons which led him to the rebellion, the hatred of the world government, and by what means he entered the crew of the Rocks. What finally thicken the background of the one who had surprised the world with the announcement of his project which consisted in making Onigashima the pirate HQ of a world war against the forces of the Navy and Marie-Geoise.

Luffy, THE Legend

This week’s chapter has something of the balance, and of the two plateaus that balance each other. On the one hand, one could almost say “phew, finally, it’s over” so much the clashes were redundant between the two since the awakening of the Hito Hito no mi model Nika, on the other we have some new insights into the past and the youth of Kaidô which make you really want to see the sequel. Unfortunately, knowing Oda, we shouldn’t get any new snippets of revelation directly, which is a shame given the information given to us – like the reasons behind the Rocks’ crew losing to Garp and Gold Roger. Rather, we expect a scene of joy in the next chapter, with Wano Kuni enjoying his first day of freedom in 20 years!

The World Government quickly on the spot?

But the sequel seems to us to be well teased, with the member of the CPO-0 who we thought was killed by Kaidô who is finally still alive, and who flees Onigashima just when the island collapses. We imagine that he will thus quickly transmit his report to the Gorosei, and explain to the masters of the world the fall of Kaidô and the victory of a Luffy having awakened his fruit. There is therefore a good chance that the state of grace will not last long, and that the Mugiwara must quickly flee!