One Piece Chapter 1050: And Wano Kuni Lived Again! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on May 30, 2022 at 12:29

One Piece Chapter 1050 brings us the final touch of the saga’s longest arc, Wano Kuni, with Yonko deep in the abyss, and a revival brewing for the land of the samurai!

It’s the end… or very soon! The chapter of the week offered us the long-awaited finale with Luffy’s victory against Kaido, a victory announced for once in “two stages”, the narrator starting by affirming that it was Kaido who had first defeated, before Luffy won’t take over. A way to split Luffy into two pieces, namely the “normal” Luffy and the one in Nika mode. The Yonkou, whose youth we had been able to briefly glimpse, does not die, and instead joins his former Rocks colleague Big Mom in the magma chamber at the very bottom of the volcano. A defeat directly followed by the announcement of the renewal by Momonosuke in dragon mode, and by the presentation of the new shogun by the red scabbards. A new world is coming!

The Kozuki back in power

The end of the arc is quite agreed. The only points of astonishment are the ‘end’ of the two Emperors, who now seem to be prisoners of a natural phenomenon – to be able to re-summon them in a later arc? – and Momonosuke’s decision to ultimately not open Wano Kuni as his father wanted. A surely wise choice knowing that the World Government will very quickly be informed of the monstrous upheavals that have just taken place thanks to their CP-0 agent who was finally able to flee from Onigashima. We thus imagine that the scenes of jubilation should not last too long, and that there could quickly be trouble again, and the need to flee.

The Mugiwara on the kneecaps?

And the difficulties could already be around the corner, knowing that the two monsters of the crew Luffy and Zoro are totally out of order. Similarly, the country’s volcano has been reactivated by the sudden arrival of the two emperors, which gives Oda the possibility of offering us a new emergency, possibly with the Navy already at the border.

And you, how do you think the arc will end?