One Piece Chapter 1051 Highlights Recap

Finally ! The fans of One Piece can now proclaim loud and clear that the Wano arch crossed the finish line. One Piece Chapter 1051 resonates the victory song for the people of Wano. After more than 20 years of persecution under the reign of Shogun Orochi, they can smile again; And the appearance of one person in particular only amplified this feeling of euphoria.

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Check out the latest highlights of One Piece Chapter 1051 below.


A fight to change history

Big Mom’s defeat by the duo Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid was already an unprecedented event in the world of piracy. Since then, readers were now engrossed in the fight between Luffy and Kaido. After a standout battle between the Haki of Kings wielders, we now know the big winner.

The man who emerged victorious from this fight is indeed the captain of the crew in the hat. Since his fight against Katakuri, Luffy has come a long way in his mastery of Haki. His arrival in Wano also made him realize his shortcomings and what he lacked to compete with the best.

His training in the use of the ryuo with the boss Hyogoro in the prison of Udon will have borne fruit. His final blow against Kaido is the perfect illustration of this. If this victory of Luffy will upset the era of piracy, another protagonist will also emerge in a heap of smoke.

The New Shogun of Wano

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Luffy wasn’t the only major protagonist in the Battle of Wano. Little Momonosuke also had an important role. Disregarding his fears, he joined the battlefield and transformed into a Dragon to assist Luffy. As the residents of the flower capital still try to grasp what just happened, men shoot out of the smoke.

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The nine red scabbards that the people thought were dead more than 20 years ago appear before their astonished eyes. Hyori and Komurasaki make them realize that the dragon in front of them is not Kaido. The latter then give way to a mysterious man who addresses the inhabitants of Wano. Using a Projecto-Mushi, their appearance is broadcast throughout the country.

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Momonosuke who has resumed his human form finally addresses the people. Raising his sword, he solemnly proclaims that Orochi, Kaido and the Hundred Beasts Crew have been defeated. He announces that he will assume the administration of the country and will work to restore its splendour. The people moved by this news expressed it with cries of joy.

A new companion

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Luffy is still knocked out after such an intense fight. He really needs to rest for a while. At the same time, Zorro is in quite bad shape and needs emergency care from Chopper. The Straw Hat crew members gather around its captain and become acquainted with Yamato. The latter are amazed to learn that she wants to become their nakama.

If some are still in shock, Sanji and Brooks seem over the moon when they hear this news. On the other hand, Jimbei prefers to wait until Luffy wakes up to hear it from his mouth. But as one can imagine, there is little chance that Luffy will oppose his arrival. While waiting for them to lick their wounds and get back on their feet, it’s time for celebrations in Wano.

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that the agents of the world government are still prowling around. Additionally, the announcement of Luffy, Law, and Kid’s victory over Big Mom and Kaido will herald a change in the hierarchy of forces. We must therefore expect great upheavals in the next chapters of One Piece.

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