One Piece Chapter 1051: Momonosuke Kozuki! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on June 05, 2022 at 17:37

One Piece Chapter 1051 completes an adventure now several years old, with the Kozuki family officially taking over the throne of the land of samurai, and Momonosuke returning to their natural place!

So many adventures, mythical fights, revelations that will mark – whether it’s Roger full haki or the mythical awakening of Hito Hito no mi, Nika model -, one of the greatest arcs of One Piece. That’s what many must be thinking with the week’s release where we see a last flashback of Tama in the middle of Denjiro and Hiyori/Komurasaki’s presentation to the people of Wano’s new shogun: Momonosuke Kozuki. Toki’s now 20-year-old wish to see his son take over from Oden and save their homeland from the clutches of Orochi is finally fulfilled. On his side, as expected, Yamato formalized his request to integrate the Mugiwara crew. Everything fits…

Yamato, always without embarrassment

The chapter of the week invites us to make an initial assessment of the Wano arc. No doubt first that it will count as one of the most important arcs of all One Piece, with the very first flashback of Gold Roger, the discovery of Laugh Tale, the devil fruit of Joy Boy revealed, and the end quite simply from the Yonkou system with half of them put out of play. An upheaval in the story, which will surely speed up the narration, but which has not been done without certain disappointments, among which are afraid to speak of Tobi Roppo, Numbers and even Okanban, ultimately not so phenomenal. The great war of Onigashima will remain clearly carried by the confrontation with mythological dimensions between Kaidô and Luffy.

And now ?

The question that now arises is to know what awaits our heroes at the turn. With the escape of one of the members of CP-0 who could see Kaido collapse, the World Government will be able to know everything about Luffy’s condition, and the major geopolitical change that has just occurred. The forces of Gorosei should thus quickly get under way, and Oda relaunch us on the path of the few last great plots of the manga.

And you, will you miss Wano Kuni?