One Piece Chapter 1051: Yamato, number 11 in the team? – melty

By sydney

– Published on June 01, 2022 at 12:26

The next chapter 1051 of One Piece should show us the consequences of Luffy’s victory, with, at the forefront, the arrival of a new member in the ranks of Mugiwara!

The war will have lasted on Wano Kuni, with in particular a monstrous confrontation between Luffy and Kaido, won by the Mugiwara after showing the powers of the Hito Hito no mi, model Nika. As a result, the country of the Samurai will finally be able to experience freedom after 20 years of servitude, with the announcement of a new shogun in the person of Momonosuke. But the chapter that will fall this week should not only be directed towards the new leaders of the country, since the Mugiwara on the spot also have a special place to occupy. A crew that, after the arrival of Jinbei at the very beginning of the war, should benefit from the contribution of a brand new member!

Indeed, after having trumpeted everywhere that she was the reincarnation of Oden Kozuki, and after all these years lived in misery because of her father because of her desire for elsewhere, Yamato will finally be able to seize an opportunity to live the great adventure. She should in this new chapter finally be able to finally live her dream, and officially join the crew of the Straw Hats, which corresponds perfectly to what she wants in life. An arrival which should also be the subject of several gags on the side of Sanji, the romantic cook having a new muse after Nami and Robin to continue with his attendance. Will the response be violent as for Nami, or rather amused as for our favorite archaeologist?

After the monster trio, the monster fiver?

The integration of Yamato into the crew should also be the last stone in a real upheaval in the hierarchy of the Mugiwara, which is more or less the same since Arlong Park. While traditionally, Zoro and Sanji are the two natural right arms of Luffy, this time we see the arrival of two new characters (including Jinbei) whose power level is easily located precisely between the two Zoro and Sanji. What change the face of the crew, which will no longer be animated by a monster trio, but by a quinté of serial killers?