One Piece Chapter 1052: Time for the Grand Banquet? – melty

By sydney

– Published on June 08, 2022 at 11:54

The next One Piece Chapter 1052 should definitely close the Wano Kuni arc, with a moment of rejoicing and Yamato’s integration into the Mugiwara crew!

Wano Kuni has a new shogun: Momonosuke Kozuki ! Despite his 8 years, the young son of Oden imposed at the end of the war, rallying behind the banner of his family the whole country, which had not heard of the Kozuki for 20 years. An advent which definitively ends the war, and which will allow the country of the samurai to rebuild itself. A rest and care that will also concern the Mugiwara, in the forefront of which Luffy and Zoro. Indeed, the two monsters of the team have been badly damaged by the war. We should thus see them recovering during this chapter, even if the spirit should be festive.

And in this area, the one that should particularly prove itself is Yamato. After having forced her way into the crew, she will surely amuse the gallery during this chapter, with jokes that will surely charm our Sanji and Brooks very quickly – one wonders why! -. The daughter of kaidô should thus bring the fun of the chapter and play the free electron creating a new alchemy in an already delirious crew. Hopefully we should also see how the other new member, Jinbei, integrates with the Straw Hats. An integration that we obviously imagine more serious!

The end of the covenant?

The other piece of information should be the discussions between Supernova, who had teamed up for the occasion to bring down the Yonkou. This goal finally achieved, we should see the egos reborn, and the rivalry between Law, Kid and Luffy bring back the tip of his nose. Debates which could well lead to the official dissolution of their links, despite the presence of the Navy in the area. Because yes, we must not forget, the forces of the World Government are still prowling. And Oda will not hesitate to remind us!