One Piece Chapter 1053: A New Generation of Emperors! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on June 19, 2022 at 17:00

New One Piece Chapter 1053 brings us some pretty crazy revelations, including the appointment of all-new Emperors. And Oda clearly had fun!

Now that Big Mom and Kaido are six feet underground, in the magma chamber under the Wano Kuni volcano, who will take their place? This is the question we all asked ourselves, and to which Oda gives us a rather surprising answer, since their replacements are Luffy – logic, for the new Joy Boy – but also… Baggy! Yes, Baggy the clown, the very first antagonist of One Piece, the one who was martyred by any average pirate, the ultimate con artist who bamboozled high-profile pirates to the point of becoming Shichibukai. And it looks like the scam doesn’t stop as he now passes Yonkou. It seems that during this war a lot of things have changed in the world, as Ryukugyu tells us.

As we can see with the cover below of Volume 25 of One Piece, dated September 2002 – that’s twenty years all the same! – Oda had done one of his crazy foreshadowing as to this announcement. We are a little surprised by this brutal announcement, but the mangaka seems to want to go quickly and put Wano behind us as soon as he returns after one month break, teasing us of a world in upheaval. The panicked Gorosei and Ryukugyu are the best proof of this profound change that has just fallen!

What about Law and Trafalgar?

What will be interesting to see is the role that the two Supernovas Law and Traflagar will play, who, remember, have the bonus of one of the emperors (Luffy). Knowing that the order of Shichibukai no longer exists, and that they are much too strong to integrate the crew of any emperor. They are thus likely to always want to bring down a Yonkou (especially Kid!), and could again ally themselves with such or such a great figure. Will Oda push the gag until they meet Buggy?