One Piece Chapter 1053 Out Now; how to read it for free in Spanish

Important chapter this week in One Piece. The last one before hiatus of more than four weeks facing Eiichiro Oda to compose the end of the series. We had been more than ten years without a break like this (since the famous time skip) and another one is coming cliffhanger Tall. Because we were few and the navy gave birth. New emperors, admirals and ancient weapons. New celebrations and adventures. We’re going to spend a month climbing the walls. But let’s not linger any longer and review how and where to read online One Piece 1053.

One Piece 1053, where to read the chapter?

One Piece Chapter 1053 is called “The New Emperors” and is now available on Manga Plus legally, free and in Spanish.

Manga Plus is an official website and application of the publisher Shueisha, the company responsible for One Piece and the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jumpwhere most of our series are published shonen favorites (Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Boruto…). The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android and on offers free the first three chapters of its series and the last three (which is changing and updating every time they release a new one). It only requires and requires paying if we want to read everything from start to finish, so to keep up to date, Manga Plus is essential on any mobile.

One Piece 1053

As we said, this One Piece chapter 1053 and its respective cliffhanger are the prelude to the biggest break in One Piece history. There will be no manga for more than four weeks, time that Eiichiro Oda has promised to use to properly prepare the final arch. The story will resume coinciding with the week in which they are fulfilled 25 years of One Piece and a few days before the premiere of the movie One Piece RED in Japan, with Shanks as the protagonist. We’re not saying that Oda had it all planned… but Oda has it all planned.