One Piece Chapter 1054: Sabo’s Fate Revealed? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 20 Jul 2022 at 13:26

Will we finally know what happened to Sabo during his Marie Geoise expedition? In any case, Ryokugyu seems ready to tell everything!

That’s it ! After almost a month of waiting, One Piece lovers will finally be able to see our heroes in action. And there are sacred events of teasing when we remember lyrics by Admiral Ryokugu, which explained that the world was turned upside down. The marines are not the only ones to have heated readers, since Oda posted a few days ago a message where he announced the coming unveiling of all the mysteries still in the unknown. And in this category, the first that should be put on the table is that of the events that took place in Marie geoise, and which had as their main instigator Luffy’s big brother: Sabo!

Sabo will talk to us

Indeed, if we are told that the world is erupting, logic dictates that we first speak of the center of this world – which should normally control it – namely the residence of the Tenryubito. We remember that a newspaper article in chapter 956 told us about Sabo, in connection with a very serious event. A hundred chapters later, we should finally know what happened.

The most likely hypothesis seems to be an intervention with Vivi. We know that Ym-sama had a light to turn off, with several possible portraits, including that of Vivi, who was the only one to be directly accessible. We can therefore imagine that Sabo intervened in an assassination attempt, and that the world government passed him off as the one wanting to kill the kings.

Sabo, new symbol of the revolutionaries?

What is all the more interesting is that at the moment, it is Monkey D. Dragon who represents the face of the revolutionaries. This incarnation of revolt could finally change from now on in One Piece, Sabo becoming in a sense, like the new generation of Yonko symbolized by Luffy, the next generation of revolutionaries!