One Piece Chapter 1056 Out Now; how to read for free in spanish

is being time to close the Wano arc and go in search of new adventures. One Piece chapter 1056 leaves the luggage ready for the next arc of the manga and answers a good number of questions that have been on our minds for a long time. The name of the new nakama of the Straw Hatsthe future of Kid and Law, the reasons why Buggy has become an Emperor of the Sea… Since we don’t want to go off the rails, let’s go with a quick review on where to read this chapter 1056 of One Piece for free, in Spanish and legally.

One Piece 1056, where to read the chapter?

Called “Cross Guild”, One Piece chapter 1056 is now available for free and in Spanish on Manga Plus.

One Piece 1055, color spread by @Greiish.

The One Piece RED movie already has a release date in Spain

This weekend has also taken place the premiere of One Piece RED in France and Japan. We will have to tread carefully to avoid spoilers, since the new film in the saga will also arrive in our country at the hands of Selecta Visión, but it will next november 4date on which it will be released in theaters in VOSE, Spanish and Catalan. This is what its synopsis says:

“The Straw Hats, the Navy and millions of fans from around the world gather at the Elegy Island Music Festival to enjoy the voice of Uta, the great international star. But what was going to be a normal concert soon turns into something completely different when Luffy discovers that Uta is actually the daughter of Shanks“.

Therefore, One Piece RED will focus on Shanks mysterious past, now with its own offspring (and confirmed as canon by Eiichiro Oda himself). The author has referred to the film in this way: “If Uta is the daughter of Shanks, why isn’t he with his father? What kind of life has he had? maybe it will be time to discover several truths about the so-called Great Pirate Akagami no Shanks”. Is Oda setting us up to make Shanks the final villain of One Piece? He will have to arm himself with patience to discover the secrets of the redhead (right now revolutionized in the manga).

One Piece RED Uta Luffy