One Piece Chapter 1059: Boa Hancock Got Hot! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 11 Sep 2022 at 17:00

The latest One Piece Chapter 1059 has just been released. And we learn a little more about what happens to the old Shichibukai, Boa Hancock!

We felt it coming! After the last chapter 1058 of One Piece in which we had been able to learn how Buggy had been able to become emperor, and this thanks to the alliance with the old Shichibukai – what the editors had guessed as early as mid-July last -, the new edition would almost certainly show us the fate of the other members of this order. And we know it, only Boa Hancock and Weeble remained in the unknown. This week, it’s Empress Kuja that Oda wanted to return to, showing us her under attack from Blackbeard, ready to steal her Devil Fruit powers. An operation that was aborted by Rayleigh, despite the presence of the brand new Vegapunk PXs, but which still ended in the capture of Koby!

A memory of the past!

And we are served with this chapter. We finally discover what Blackbeard didn’t want to leave to the World Government – ​​the leak of Boa Hancock -, as well as the way in which he took possession of the island of the Hive. But, of course, what really stood out in these pages was the appearance of the new Vegapunk Pacifistas, who have the faces of the old Shichibukai in a child version – hello Mihawk and Boa! -. As often, Eiichiro Oda delights in the chapters between the arcs, and reveals some very hyping secrets. In view of the few attacks launched by the new PX, we can understand that the World Government tried to get rid of the Corsair Captains!

And soon, Vegapunk?

As we know, the mangaka never leaves anything to chance. And if he decides to show the works of Vegapunk in action, and this while the manga runs towards its end, it is perhaps that he has decided to finally reveal to us the very last mysterious person of the work. So, will we finally soon discover the great scientist, Joker’s rival, and the greatest genius on the planet?