One Piece chapter 1059 brings back an old hero

This article will contain spoilers…

Eiichiro Oda’s oeuvre took a big break before continuing into the final arc and it looks like this new arc proves that it was worth the wait. This article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to spoil your experience.come back after reading that One Piece chapter 1059 on online service of MangaPlus by Shueisha. The following contains spoilers for the “The Matter Involving Captain Koby” envelope.

The chapter takes readers to Amazon Lily, the island of women. Like the other former Warlords, the Kuja Pirates have become targets after the World Government decided to abolish the Warlord system. Just then, Vice Admiral Yamakaji leads the assault force against the Kuja Pirates. He unleashes the new Pacifist Seraphim against the warriors. Hancock and his people find surprise help from the most unexpected character: Blackbeard and his crew.. This pirate destroys Navy ships with the power he has stolen from Whitebeard.

one piece 1059

One Piece 1059 brings back Boa Hancock

Blackbeard takes aim at Hancock’s power, but the Serpent Princess predictably declines the offer. At that time, another Marine officer makes an appearance in One Piece 1059. Koby, now a captain, calls Hancock to show himself and goes so far as to promise him a peaceful arrest for his compliance.. Hancock’s beloved sisters step forward and offer to deal with Koby. Meanwhile, the pacifist makes the move on him and attacks Blackbeard’s men. It is then revealed that he has white hair, brown skin, and black wings. Meanwhile, Hancock uses his Love Arrows to petrify both Blackbeard’s minions and the Armada soldiers.

Blackbeard finally uses his power over darkness, successfully stopping Hancock’s attack. Despite the unfavorable situation he faces, Hancock stands firm and unafraid of Blackbeard’s threats. in One Piece 1059. The Snake Princess adamantly demands that both sides leave the island before her men return to normal. Blackbeard still doesn’t want to let her go, mainly because of her suspicious personality. The deadlock is only broken when Rayleigh makes an appearance for her. Rayleigh asks Hancock to undo her spell and introduces himself as a mediator.

one piece 1059

The arrival of the new Pacifistas and Blackbeard draws attention to what comes after One Piece 1059.

Although Rayleigh managed to stop the battle, the recent naval siege has caused massive damage to the warriors’ city, prompting Hancock to consider going elsewhere. As expected, he ends up wanting to marry Luffy. Still, she thanks Rayleigh for her support. The group breaks down the recent events and discusses the seriousness of the situation. Shakky claims that the invention of sea prism stone rowboats makes living in the Calm Belt no longer safe.

The new weapons in One Piece 1059

Rayleigh believes that he can no longer take on Blackbeard at his current age and strength. As such, the conversation turns to the new pacifists in the Navy. Someone points out that these new weapons are the supposed replacement for the abolished warlords, and the Hancock sisters also attest to its durability. After all, the pacifists supposedly have not suffered even a small scratch during their brief fight. The most curious development, however, is the fact that one of the pacifists bears a striking resemblance to Hancock when he was a child.

Meanwhile, a Navy ship is reporting on the events that unfolded during its attack on Amazon Lily. They broadcast their plan to proceed and dock at Egg Head. However, they are no longer complete, as One Piece Chapter 1059 ends by revealing that the Blackbeard Pirates have kidnapped Kobythe Hero of the Rocky Port Incident.

one piece 1059

One Piece 1059 closes with the tragic story about Koby.

After a couple of years, One Piece finally concludes the “Wano Country” arc with Luffy and his friends defeating Big Mom and Kaido. Chapter 1058 finally brought the beloved pirate crew back to the seas in due course. The chapter also reveals the Straw Hats’ new bounties, with Jimbei taking the third highest bounty of the crew. Luffy is formally declared one of the Four Emperors, along with Buggy, Shanks, and Blackbeard.

Chapter 1058 also clarifies how Buggy managed to recruit both Crocodile and Mihawk, with the entire debacle turning out to be a complete farce. Despite the initial disapproval of the two former warlords, they eventually relent upon realizing Buggy’s value as a future scapegoat, but **chapter 1059, in turn, brings more questions than answers.