One Piece – Chapter 1059 postponed, will we learn more about Sabo? Boa Hancock in danger!

One Piece 1059 is ready to reveal the truth about Sabo.

One Piece 1058 was the very first chapter after the conclusion of the Wano Country arc and it definitely lived up to fan expectations, having dropped a ton of information for everyone to process. With the new bounties revealed and Luffy’s status as one of the Four Sea Emperors extended to every corner of the world, the chapter started off in an amazing way. This was followed by information about the Cross Guild and how the organization came into existence. The bounty of the Cross Guild’s leader, Buggy, and its two most powerful executives, Crocodile and Mihawk, was also revealed.

The stage is set for One Piece 1059, and as it stands, it will again be an incredibly important chapter when it comes to information. Oda has completed the previous chapter at Kamabakka Kingdom and fans are eagerly awaiting what One Piece Chapter 1059 will offer when it comes to the revolutionary army.

One Piece 1059: The Truth About Sabo

One Piece Chapter 1059

One Piece 1059 will definitely focus on Sabo and fans will finally get to see him for the first time since the Reverie arc, which preceded the Wano Country arc. Fans saw him prepare to declare war on the Celestial Dragons and rescue Kuma. At the same time, the Revolutionary Army commanders continued to fight Fujitora and Ryokugyu and surprisingly emerged victorious. In One Piece 1058, Sabo finally contacted the Revolutionary Army. As fans already know, he was framed for the murder of King Cobra, however, the truth about the situation is yet to be known. One Piece 1059 will most certainly dive into this and report on what really happened during the Reverie.

Knowing Sabo, he certainly wouldn’t have murdered Cobra. It’s possible the World Government got rid of him as he started asking questions. For them, it would be much easier to blame Sabo since his group attacked Reverie at the same time. However, it’s also possible that Sabo ended up saving King Cobra. Although the chances of this happening are low, it is still a possibility. Also, Sabo might just be with Princess Vivi of the Arabasta Kingdom right now. Previously, it was revealed that she had been missing since the Reverie and that, for her, being with Sabo would be ideal. Either way, Sabo will be one of the main targets in the next chapter. Fans might even see his new bounty after leading the attack on the Celestial Dragons.

One Piece 1059: The Diary

One Piece 1059

In the previous chapter, Nico Robin received a newspaper from News Coo and, at the same time, the crew’s bounty posters. The chapter then went through each bounty and moved on to the Cross Guild. Interestingly enough, the diary and the events in the world it mentioned weren’t touched upon by the chapter at all. One Piece 1059 could very well see Robin finding out what’s going on in the world. Fans could finally find out more about the incident in the Arabasta Kingdom and, at the same time, hear about what happened to Sabo and King Cobra.

If Sabo is in danger, one would expect Luffy and his crew to want to save him. At the same time, Vivi’s disappearance would also cause concern for the Straw Hat Pirates, given that she is an honorary member of the crew. If the newspaper confirms that she’s in danger, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the Straw Hat Pirate to take a detour and go to where Vivi is. One Piece 1059 might also give a glimpse of Blackbeard through the diary, who was last seen claiming something in Chapter 956.

One Piece 1059: Boa Hancock in Danger?

One Piece 1059

The most important members of the Seven Warlords of the Sea have already faced the threat of the Marines in one way or another. Buggy was saved by Crocodile and Mihawk and ended up teaming up with Crocodile to create the Cross Guild. The three are now hunting the Marines together and pose an incredible threat to the World Government. However, there are two other members of the Shichibukai whose fate remains unknown at this time. Edward Weevil was last seen fighting off the Marines, while Boa Hancock’s island Amazon Lily was also surrounded by Marines. Although nothing can be said about Weevil, Hancock has certainly raised concerns among fans, and One Piece 1059 might give an answer to that.

There’s no denying that she’s quite a capable fighter and quite possibly even among the strongest women around the world in the One Piece universe. While she could certainly fend off the Navy, Hancock would need a solution to keep them at bay. As such, it is possible that she is in danger.

When will One Piece 1059 be released?

One Piece 1059

Unfortunately, One Piece is going on hiatus after Chapter 1058. As such, the upcoming issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will not feature the next One Piece chapter. One Piece 1059 is set to release on September 11, 2022.

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