One Piece Chapter 1061: Vegapunk, the fake news? Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 25 Sep 2022 at 17:55

The new chapter of One Piece has a pretty incredible surprise in store for us, with the appearance (finally!!) of Doctor Vegapunk!

So, has one of One Piece’s biggest mysteries just been revealed to us? This is clearly the big question that arises, with a mega question mark on the forehead. It must be said that all the action of this new chapter revolves around different machines that have put the Mugiwara very badly, machines produced directly by… Vegapunk. The genius scientist, at the base in particular terrifying Seraphim, should not only be the main object of this new arc, but in addition… it finally appears! Fifteen years in the shadows later, we can finally see the genius scientist. But its appearance leaves doubtful!

Vegapunk, really?

Indeed, who would have thought that the scientist 500 years ahead of the whole planet was a young woman? And truth be told, even after reading the last page of the chapter, who believes him? We have indeed been able to notice that the creations of Vegapunk all have a number on them, whether it is the giant robot who saved the Mugiwara (n°12), the mechanical shark (n°03) and surprisingly, the young girl ( #02). Could the latter also be a Vegapunk production in which he would have downloaded himself, or is she a cyborg that he pilots remotely? In any case, given the CV of Vegapunk, who was already working in science when Judge Vinsmoke was young, it seems unlikely that this young girl is the famous doctor!

After Vegapunk, a little gift for Zoro?

And if the hype is totally there, Oda also manages to already prepare other small gifts for us, since the elements of the Sword are on an island in the vicinity, with among the officers of the navy, a certain Tashigi. Clearly enough to prepare us for a very sound reunion between her and our national swordsman, Zoro!