One Piece Chapter 1064: The Power of Trafalgar Law! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 24 Oct 2022 at 09:00

In this new chapter of One Piece, Trafalgar Law does more than a good job against Blackbeard, and shows that he deserves his new status!

Trafalgar Law definitely deserves its street cred. The Wano Kuni battle will definitely not be a one shot for Kid and Luffy’s rival, and after successfully defeat the incredible ogress Big Mom, he can be seen in the new chapter 1064 holding up against Blackbeard. Valued at 3 billion berries, Trafalgar Law is indeed a kind of 5th (or 6th?) Emperor, capable as he is of neutralizing the monstrous powers of Teach, but also of using the power of the sea against the users of the devil fruit. Will the power of the awake ope no mi succeed in putting Blackbeard at a distance, with a Law who would still have a future in the narration of the end of One Piece? It’s a question that Oda clearly seems to want to leave open when we see how this chapter evolves!

A crew that we finally discover

Beyond this ambiguity that the mangaka wants to persist in the next chapters, it should be noted that we can finally see what the crew of Trafalgar Law really looks like. All this time, the Death Surgeon seemed to be his ship’s only real strength, unlike Luffy or even Kid – accompanied everywhere by Killer, another supernova. We can see today that Law’s crew is in his image, since he uses the situation intelligently to be able to fight. None of its members have devil fruits, since each of them makes full use of their natural fighting environment – ​​the sea – to be able to weaken pirates who have a lot of devil fruits. And the result is quite impressive since Blackbeard’s forces are neutralized for the moment. How far ?

Trafalgar Law, the survivor?

Now it remains to be seen what Oda wants to do with this character. One might think at first that he was simply destined to be sacrificed after having been useful all these years in the service of the Mugiwara. But given his show of strength, it seems clear that Law could continue to appear in One Piece’s adventures.

And you what do you think ?