One Piece Chapter 1064: Trafalgar Law’s Last Stand? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on Oct 19, 2022 at 11:55

Will Trafalgar Law have his last big moment in One Piece with his fight against Blackbeard?

Everything always goes faster in One Piece. After the Wano Kuni arc ended, Oda decided to speed things up. We thus saw the world in full rout, Sabo leading the revolution throughout the world, the World Government use crazy weapon, while Blackbeard on his side went on the hunt to get what he wanted. With more discovery to come secrets of Vegapunk, we begin to see the end of the tunnel in the saga on the Grand Line. And in this area, the mangaka could well begin to eliminate unnecessary characters in its grand finale. We thus saw in the last chapter Trafalgar Law meet Blackbeard – the latter very eager to steal his copies of poneglyphs. Will we soon see the end of the surgeon of death?

So long, friend

Indeed, Trafalgar Law has only one screenplay utility: the ope ope no mi, which can give eternal life. Unlike Kid, he never came across as Luffy’s great generational rival, and after his revenge achieved against Doflamingo, he has little real purpose. We should thus in this new chapter see him show his incredible power which allowed him to defeat Big Mom, but also at the same time observe Blackbeard in full power mode. A good opportunity for Oda to give us an idea of ​​the opponent who will be waiting for Luffy at the end of his escapade. However, knowing the mangaka, no determining element should be given during this chapter.

The end of Trafalgar Law in offscreen?

Indeed, like what was done for Ace vs Teach, we can see Oda not dwelling on the fight. Law should thus be badly injured and give in to Blackbeard. The only question now is: who will put the final blow to Law? To retrieve the op op no mi.