One Piece Chapter 1065: Clash Against Seraphim? – melty

By sydney

– Published on 02 Nov 2022 at 13:33

We could see the Seraph directly in action against the Mugiwara in this new chapter 1065 of One Piece.

The Egg Head arc is now well under way. And its main secret was apparently very quickly revealed, with the true nature of Vegapunk revealed – the scientist having been divided into six separate entities. But we can’t imagine Eiichiro Oda simply taking the Mugiwara around the futuristic island, in tourist mode, especially when time is running out and the last two great adventures of the One Piece quest and the war against the World Government are ahead of us. So, if Luffy’s crew ends up on Scientist’s Island, it must be both to get new information, but also to face some of the last powerful antagonists. The seraphim?

The terrible seraphim

It must be said that we have already seen the CP-0 about to land on the island, with Seraph Kuma in its suitcases. We should therefore quickly see this new technology at work against the Mugiwara, in order to estimate its real level. Luffy shouldn’t be on the attack right away – knowing that his full power level must surely exceed that of these weapons, as evidenced by his victory against Kaido. We rather imagine one of the lieutenants among the Mugiwara rubbing shoulders with these war machines. Rather than Zoro, also at stratospheric levels, one can imagine Jinbei or Sanji being chosen for the first crash test of one of the Seraphim.

Are the Seraph the future of the World Government?

It will be interesting to see how the Seraph are doing against the most powerful pirates, in order to be able to gradually take stock of the stock of powerful weapons available to Ym-sama. We saw him annihilate an island like Lulucia with what could be Uranus, but it may be that this weapon is only that of the one shot. It will then require further support to the Navy and its admirals.