One Piece: Chapter 1066 Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1066 begins its story with the Straw Hat Crew questioning what the Vegapunk Shaka just told them, calling it just a theory.

Shaka explained that an archaeologist once put his life on the line and almost revealed the name of the ancient kingdom. He also said that, in the same place, the machines seen on Egghead were discovered, and their manufacture was agreed upon.

Robin wonders if he’s referring to the machine built during the Void Age, and asks Shaka what he really knows. Nami asks Robin if she knows anything about this, as Shaka begins to discuss Ohara’s fate with Robin.

He shares his theory that Ohara learning the name of the Old Kingdom was the cause of Ohara’s destructionpointing out that the Age of the Void they studied is actually a story of the Old Kingdom.

Specifically, it is an account of the war they waged against the 20 kingdoms that would form the World Government. To prevent the name from being passed on, the World Government erased all traces of this Kingdom.

The Straw Hats end up assuming that the “he” that Vegapunk referred to earlier was the man who had discovered the name of this kingdom and who had been eliminated for it.

clover one piece

The Straw Hats wonder why they were given this information, but Vegapunk replies that it’s just a theory, as they said.

However, he turns to Robin and asks her if she thinks the World Government’s attack on Ohara amounts to confirming the theory. She asks him why he is sharing this information and if he told the World Government about it, but he replies that even he would be killed for talking about it.

Robin begins to ask Shaka how he knows since Ohara’s books are the only documents on the study of the Void Age. However, Vegapunk soliloquizes that Ohara’s will survives, and just as Robin survived Ohara, so did the knowledge of Professor Clover, Vegapunk’s old friend. He recounts that he returned to Ohara several months later to find a burnt field, where he offered a flower tribute to Clover.

He explains that Clover was once an adventurer obsessed with finding the Void Age, undeterred by his 10 imprisonments. He eventually settled in Ohara and, as the world’s most famous archaeologist, attracted other knowledge-hungry people to the island.. Vegapunk believes it was this gathering of knowledge that caused the island to burn.

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Vegapunk then explains that upon arriving in Ohara several months later, he saw a giant lake in the center of the island, at the bottom of which were various publications. One Piece Chapter 1066 features a flashback where young Vegapunk is seen theorizing that scholars threw books into the lake to protect them from the flames and destruction of the Buster Call.

Shaka in the present explains that even if foot soldiers saw them, their value would not be known, with victory going to Ohara and Vegapunk shedding tears of joy after their victory.

Meanwhile, another flashback shows Robin talking to her mother, Nico Olvia, who tells her she still has something to do while ordering her daughter off the island.

Olvia appears to have been among the scholars of Ohara who threw the books into the lake, inwardly telling Robin that the story is mankind’s treasure. She also says that for the sake of all their futures (referring to Robin and other kids like her in the world), they won’t give up.

The flashback then returns to Robin and Jaguar D. Saul, and the latter is seen telling the former to be proud of her mother and explaining to her that Ohara fought against the world. One Piece Chapter 1066 then returns to the present, where Robin is seen crying before confirming Vegapunk’s theory about Ohara and what they learned.

She asks where the books are in the lake, with Vegapunk explaining that he wanted to take them to Punk Hazard, but didn’t want to risk senior government officials finding out. Returning to Vegapunk’s flashback several months after the Buster’s call, One Piece Chapter 1066 sees young Vegapunk witness the descent of several giants into the lake.

He realizes that the Giants are removing the books from the lake and wonders what he should do and if the Giants know their value. Suddenly, Monkey D. Dragon arrives and greets Vegapunk like an old friend telling him that it’s been a long time. He even mocks her huge head, suggesting the two were close old friends.

Vegapunk and Dragon

Realizing who he is, Vegapunk asks what he’s doing here, what Dragon responds by asking Vegapunk the same question while saying he was friends with Professor Clover.

A shocked Vegapunk asks for confirmation, before monologue once more about Clover’s past, while sharing his disbelief at the report that Clover is “plotting the destruction of the world”.

Dragon asks Vegapunk if he is worried about the Giants, reassuring him that they are not thieves and that they came from Elbaf knowing the value of literature.

He tells her that their captain is “a strange man with bandages all over his body”, which was confirmed to be Jaguar D. Saulmarking his first appearance in over 650 chapters in One Piece Chapter 1066.

Dragon continues, sharing that Saul basically swore he would protect the treasures the Oharians died to save, before sharing the concern that Vegapunk has come to throw away the literature.

Vegapunk rejects this explanation, prompting Dragon to share his disappointment at his friend’s joining the World Government, saying he was going to invite him to join his Revolutionary Army.

However, Vegapunk says he can’t use his wits and technology with the Penniless Revolutionary Army, prompting Dragon to give in to him.

Vegapunk then says some in the World Government and Marines share Dragon’s sentimenttelling his friend not to lose sight of his goal.

However, Dragon confesses that the Ohara incident is just too much, wondering how scholars who only researched the past could be eradicated so ruthlessly.

He resolves to create an army that can fight for the people, while Vegapunk wonders how someone who hates war like him could do such a thing. Dragon then swears to change the world and not let Clover’s death and Ohara’s will be in vain.

Nico and Saul

One Piece Chapter 1066 then sees Nami praising Dragon’s passion, while Usopp asks if Shaka said Elbaf’s name. Robin says she had no idea about Dragon and Clover’s connection, while Franky wonders why Kuma saved them and why Vegapunk altered Kuma. Sanji, meanwhile, calls Ivankov a bastard after realizing he’s a founding member of the Revolutionary Army.

Shaka claims that Ohara’s literature cannot be found by the World Government, saying he secretly went to Elbaf and read all the literature there. This then formed the basis of his knowledge, as well as everything he was able to invent during his career. The leader of the Giants is once again confirmed to be Saul, and Vegapunk claims he is still alive and keeping a low profile.

Robin smiles, and thanks Shaka for not letting the battles the Oharians have fought to be lost with the destruction of their knowledge.

Suddenly, One Piece Chapter 1066 sees the shoes the Straw Hats are wearing begin to move on their own, as Shaka apologizes for not letting them go but waves them over to see something.

One Piece Chapter 1066 then cuts to Luffy’s group, where Luffy tells Chopper that he doesn’t see a “riding point” on the giant robot. Chopper guesses it’s the kind of robot that moves on its own, trying to activate it with its voice.

Luffy thinks the robot must have a name, and that name must be spoken to make it move, prompting him and Chopper to tell “Robonosuke” to move.

Bonney asks if they are children, saying there is no way the robot will move when it suddenly explodes.. The real Vegapunk is then heard asking for someone to save him, calling it another failure and saying that the spacetime must have warped during the teleport. Luffy asks who it is, before turning to save him, as Bonney begins to realize who they just met.

Vegapunk then asks Luffy if he is Dragon’s son, saying he knew Luffy would come here one day. He also recognizes Bonney, telling her that she has grown a lot and that he is happy to see her doing well. Luffy asks Vegapunk why he floats, explaining that Luffy’s shoes also have the ability to do so with a button and a lever.

Luffy, Vegapunk, and Chopper soar through the sky, and One Piece Chapter 1066 officially introduces Vegapunk. Calling him “the man with the best brain in the world” and reaffirming him as the leader of the special scientific group, the number ends without announcing a break next week.